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Macross Frontier, episodes 6-10.

Episode 6
--Nanase gets her fair share of boobshots, too.
--I admit I'm also found of Michel's ability to be the goofy one as well as the serious one. Maybe it's just mecha shows, or maybe I have a thing for that kind of character in general.
--What exactly is going down between Cathy and Leon, anyway? She seemed angry at him earlier, and that was after that kind-of-creepy dubious-consent sex scene. Uncomfortable.

Episode 7
--I like that Kanaria is apparently the medic, but she's also a pilot, because girls can do more than just heal.
--Ranka's phone is so cool. I want one.
--You can't fool me. I'm pretty sure it's a little early for Fukuyama Jun's character to be dead, you guys.
--It's hearing Ranka's cry that gives Sheryl the strength to go on? Fuck yeah.
--I really love that the campy gay guy is a crazy badass when he needs to be.
--Random confusing shot of human (who I know from spoilers is Brera) apparently fighting for the Vajra? I can't even tell. Mecha battles confuse me too much. Which of course is why I keep watching mecha shows. I'm smart like that.

Episode 8
--Rainbow...Carrot...loves you. What.
--Well, this started off feeling kind of like SEED to me, but now there's a Wing feel to it.
--And so the rivalry between Ranka and Sheryl starts? Hmm.
--Yay, naked Sheryl and Ranka practically next to each other!
--I have to love Nanase telling Sheryl, "Don't look at me with such lustful eyes!"
--She has no underwear on and she's going up on the roof? Um.
--Sheryl transferring into the piloting program is kind of adorable.

Episode 9
--The prospect of Michel backstory intrigues me.
--Yay, Michel has an angst button!
--An angst button that screws him up in combat, no less.
--Oh, are we getting our first glimpse of evil Grace?
--And they're already starting up the Michel/Klan, I see. I wonder if we'll see more of that later this episode, or if it'll wait.
--Dead big sister angst is a change from dead little sister angst, at least.
--Aw, Klan sees right through him and he denies it and invokes his playboy image to cover it up. I kind of ship it already.
--Okay, so Brera isn't exactly fighting for the Vajra, he's...fighting under Grace's command as part of a plan involving the Vajra. Okay.
--Regardless of which characters I like, I think I'm a lot more interested in Michel/Klan than in who Alto winds up with.

Episode 10
--When did Alto get so philosophical--oh, that's right, it's about acting, and he used to be a Kabuki actor. It'll be interesting if we get to see that side of him this episode.
--It is pretty satisfying to see Sheryl waltz right past Melinda and on to Ranka. So cute.
--Both Ranka and Sheryl are going to find out about Alto's Kabuki past? This is golden.
--And he crossdresses in a movie for his not-girlfriend? I am in love with this episode.
--Leon looks bad enough normally with his terrible haircut, but that Hawaiian shirt is just a sin.
--Huh. So Sheryl's earring actually is some kind of MacGuffin, as was hinted earlier.
--Is that "guy" meeting with Leon...Grace?
--Sigh. Poor Ranka needing to be rescued again.
--Awww, no crossdressing for Alto? Disappointment.
--So Brera is a mysterious angsty prettyboy who wears makeup. Clearly, he already has something in common with Alto!
--Sheryl seems to be somewhat conflicted over whether she wants to encourage Alto to go for Ranka or take him herself.
--So there's something more to the silly movie story that Ozma seems to know about? I have no idea if it's a shout-out to a previous Macross or what.
--Ah, okay, it's a nod to Macross Zero. Or a recap of Macross Zero. Whatever.
--It is interesting that Ranka seems to have actually realized her feelings for Alto before Sheryl, who obviously has them, but seems to be trying to deny to herself and others that they're anything serious.
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