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Macross Frontier, episodes 21-25.

Episode 21
--Dude, after that ending, the tag-in to the OP in this episode is Leon taking over power? Hmph.
--Baw, Klan holding those tiny tiny glasses in her huge fingers...oh, she is going to be so badass this episode.
--Oh, Alto. So much more interested in protecting the girls than in having any romance with them. He'll get there eventually.
--Interesting that Ranka's using the original version of the song. She seems to have figured out to some extent how it works, although this may just be subconscious at this point. I would have liked to see her come to a dramatic realization of it, but eh, there's only five episodes left and pacing is not this show's strong suit.
--There may be thematic significance to the fact that the island they destroyed to wipe out the Vajra is the one set aside as a happy peaceful fun place for their former enemies the Zentradi. I don't know.
--Oh God, Klan in the VF hugging Michel's helmet. That's just mean.
--Augh, he kept that picture in his VF, too.
--What? Doombabycritter is still around being cute even now that it's big?
--Well, at least it looks like it's going to give Ranka the answer to her "why me" question. Somehow.
--Aw, Alto does have mommy issues. So cute.
--"Everyone live free, don't they?" Ah. The doombabycritter must have communicated to her somehow what the Vajra's real situation is, and she called Alto over so that she could try to sort it out with him.
--Awww, Ranka. She's still so scared and confused, but in order to find out the truth about herself and repair any damage she's done, she'll be brave. So moe.
--She doesn't expect she'll come back, either. But she managed to confess her love, so yay!
--And we get angsty name-calling on top of that.

Episode 22
--So, judging from the preview and the fact that the Sheryl at polychromatic uses the name northerncrossed, I'd say this is going to be a Sheryl-centric episode. It's about time.
--I kind of love how Leon is so obviously just a tool for Grace, even though he might think otherwise.
--Oh damn, that's right, they'd think that Ranka betrayed them.
--Sheryl has Vajra AIDS :(
--But she's still got a mouth on her and she's still awesome.
--And even now she's concerned about Ranka, awww.
--Bawww, Sheryl. I don't really have anything more coherent to say about this scene, but I love her so much.
--I like how Strategically Vague the show is on what happens after the camera pans away from Alto and Sheryl.
--There's something to be unpacked here in Ranka and Leon's two different "the universe is vast" speeches. I'll get to it once the show's finished, I think.
--Bullets are so not going to be enough to get rid of Grace, you guys.

Episode 23
--I don't think Alto even really registers that he is now dating Sheryl. As far as he's concerned, he's just being with her when she needs him.
--He's so adorably domestic.
--That Sheryl's still hiding her squalid past from Alto is pretty sad. It's such a reflex for her.
--What is she getting drunk on if it's not alcohol?
--"We cogitate with our brains." Way to dialogue, show.
--The Vajra think with their guts. Oh my God. Oh my God. Stephen Colbert is a Vajra!
--I like how every single time one pairing goes a step forward, the other one promptly does too. Ranka gets a dramatic farewell scene where she confesses her love? Next episode, Alto has an ambiguous love scene with Sheryl and is now "with" her. Alto's with Sheryl? Next episode he says that he joined SMS to protect Ranka.
--Oh, ouch, and Sheryl hears and interprets "I joined SMS to protect Ranka" as "Ranka is the one I really love." Alto doesn't work that way! But she's not exactly in a position to stop and think about that, what with the whole dying thing.

Episode 24
--By this point, that damned song is seared into my brain. It will never go away, ever.
--Ah, it is finally solid exposition time.
--It looks like we'll also finally find out Grace's motives. I sort of already know the basics (sigh, TVTropes), but it'll be nice to get the details from the show itself.
--Oh. She pretty much wants to be GOD OF ALL HUMANITY. Well, that's nice.
--"Ranshe...Dr. Mao...very soon! Your blood will begin injuring and killing each other!" This may be the most explicit acknowledgment yet of the parallels between the love triangle and the war.
--Grace is looking deliciously psycho now.
--"They can keep their damn super-dimensional network!" Aww.
--Baww, Klan wearing Michel's glasses as a tiny charm around her neck. Very touching and all, kind of does emphasize that her boobs could crush skyscrapers.
--...huh, that's basically the shot from the OP, except with Sheryl in front of the mirror instead of Ranka. Neat.
--Yes! I was waiting for Sheryl to tell (not ask, she doesn't ask) Alto to save Ranka. They are such an OT3. As much as I enjoy their individual interactions, I don't think I can ship any of the pairings individually without going, "But..." Such an OT3.
--Sure enough, the final battle is in a sense Ranka vs. Sheryl.
--What? Ranka is appearing in space, and she's not naked? Impossible!
--I have a feeling that seeing Alto go boom is not going to encourage Ranka to keep obeying Grace, if she realizes it's him.

Episode 25
--Wait, when did Alto find out the truth?
--Oh, it must have happened when Sheryl's earring let him see through to where Ranka was last episode, before Brera blocked him.
--Yay, Grace has tentacles! I know, I know, there's something wrong with me.
--"Use your song to wake her up!" Fuck yes. This show is going to give me such a perfect OT3 ending.
--And Alto is drawing on the philosophy of his acting history to give him strength without letting it trap him.
--Is Klan flying in Michel's VF? And sniping? Yes, yes she is. So OTP.
--Well, at least now we know why the giant Ranka in space wasn't naked: it wasn't actually Ranka. Should've known from the start!
--Aww, Brera finding true atonement.
--And finally, Ranka and Sheryl are going to sing together! Shut up I know this is cheesy and silly I don't care.
--Gah, all the pictures of their time together appearing behind Ranka as she turns back Sheryl's previous advice on her!
--This has to be the most ridiculously OT3 thing I've seen in anime ever. And anime loves its OT3s.
--Yay, now both Sheryl and Ranka are naked sparkly people in space!
--And, of course, right as Sheryl and Ranka come together, Captain Wilder declares, "The Vajra are not our true enemy." So not subtle. I don't care.
--Oh, the Vajra taking the hit for Frontier.
--By listening to both Sheryl and Ranka, the Vajra learned how humanity is different? So ridiculously not subtle. I still don't care.
--At this point...I just wish they could've animated this episode better. I mean, really.
--I get the feeling that the picture Birla's looking at for a moment there is a reference to a previous Macross?
--Man, the problem with only killing off one major character is that when you pan across the happy couples at the end, there's going to be one sad lonely figure. But she's a badass, so it's okay.
--Even the very very end is ridiculously OT3. I am content.

Anyway, that's that done; I'll post a more coherent summary of my thoughts later. Next on the line is Murder Princess (a six-episode OVA), then Xam'd Lost Memories, then Soul Eater.
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