ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Gundam 00, episode 42.

--They're opening with a Sergei flashback, huh? Man, if I didn't already know from all the sad Soma posts on my friendslist that he was going to die this episode, this would just make it even more clear.
--"Father killed Mother by following military protocol." So...Andrei's reaction to this is to obsessively follow military protocol himself? I am not quite sure I follow.
--So Sumeragi did suspect they'd built two Memento Mori superweapons? So she's not a complete failure as a tactician.
--That is the dumbest, most ham-handed explanation for the use of the "Memento Mori" name ever. Augh, this show is so fail with villains most of the time. (Exceptions: Ali, the Trinities if you count them as villains, and sometimes Ribbons and Regene...but only sometimes, and not that often anymore.)
--Ribbons lecturing on history is not one of his non-fail moments, let's just say.
--You know, if you wanted to set the Innovators up as "villains who think they are humanity's saviors," that could have worked, but developing it better earlier might have been a good idea.
--Well, it's kind of nice to see that only Katharon getting shot down really affects Lyle. It would have been nice if they'd actually developed his connection to Katharon instead of pasting Anew onto him and calling that vital character development.
--I am really exceptionally cranky this episode. That's not entirely fair, I guess. It'll probably subside once we get away from Generic A-Laws And Innovators Stuff and onto Sergei being doomed and Marie being badass.
--Okay, it is pretty funny how fast both Bring and Divine went down.
--That is quite the beamspam.
--Bitch, there is no stopping the colony elevator drop.
--Sergei's being pretty badass. That's just sealing his doom.
--Good, Allelujah doesn't whine about Marie fighting once she tells him off. Everything will be better once she goes back to topping him.
--Aww, Marie recognizing Sergei's suit!
--And she fights at his side! Yay!
--Oh, Tieria. That is some embarrassing Engrish.
--Oh, come on, Andrei, seriously? Although I guess it's probably due to his pent-up mommy issues exploding, which at least makes sense character-wise. So in that regard, he has more believable motivation than the other villains.
--Oooh, Louise attacking Marie could be pretty cool...except no, Saji's going to distract her.
--As much as poor Allelujah has been shafted this season, I'm really glad that he's essentially out of the picture for this scene--it's nice that Marie still gets some character development quite independent of him.
--And her scream at the end heralds such badass to come.
--Yay! It looks like Marie is going to have her own character arc again! (Maybe Soma will even come back?) Took them long enough. I just hope they...figure out something to do with Allelujah that isn't "rushes in to save Marie at the last minute."
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