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Gundam 00, episode 43.

--Okayyy, subs are not showing up for the first few lines, but it looks like they show up later, so...whatever.
--I can guess what they're saying, anyway: blah blah blah how tragic that the anti-government forces that totally weren't us and our copypasta superweapon have done this horrible thing.
--Just reiterating here how very tired I am of the way A-LAWS has been handled.
--Well, at least they got rid of the second Memento Mori pretty fast.
--Poor Katharon, you guys are such cannon fodder.
--I am not too thrilled with the whole "Marina settles into her true role as a mommy figure" thing. I wouldn't mind if there were more active female characters getting more screentime, but...
--Yay, Soma's back! Allelujah just needs to stop trying to be all chivalrous and controlling and let her top him, and I'll ship it again.
--I really wish it were someone other than Lyle giving this advice, because anything that puts Lyle into Neil's big brother role without acknowledging how fucked-up that is gets my hackles up. But he's right.
--"The trump card is my Gundam." It would be a nice reiteration of themes if Setsuna's reliance on 00 as The Way To Change The World here comes back to bite him in the ass.
--Ribbons, is it really such a good idea to tell one of your pawns that you don't plan on her having a future? To be fair, it does fit with the god complex the novels supposedly give him, but it would be nice if we saw it more in the show to back up actions like this.
--I do like the blatant parallels between Andrei (and his motivations) and Setsuna and the Meisters (and their motivations). I know fandom hates him, and I don't blame them since he's a self-righteous ass who killed his father (who was a fan favorite at that), but I'd take him and his believable, thematically consistent assholery over the cardboard in the upper echelons of A-LAWS any day. He proves that the writers haven't entirely stopped caring about the themes they set up in the first season outside of the ED.
--I'm sorry, even though I've seen Anew, Revive still doesn't look male to me.
--...Oh boy. We're going to have Andrei representing Louise's dark destructive side and Saji representing her light and peace, aren't we? On the one hand, I love the gender-reversal inherent in that--usually it's female characters who get reduced to what they represent for male characters. Louise's writing this season has been admirably gender-neutral. On the other hand, I've been fearing for a while that we'll wind up seeing Saji show Louise the light and save her with the power of his love. Which, no, I'd much rather see them work together towards their happy ending instead of Saji being Jesus.
--Nice fakeout cut from "we have to ask the Innovators!" to Lyle/Anew, guys.
--As annoying as it is that they pushed this relationship without giving us much reason to care about either character first, I'm very relieved that Anew still calls him "Lyle." And it's nice that we're at least getting some background on him.
--Rainbow eyes! Newtype flash! And why does Setsuna get it too?
--How does Lyle not notice the glowing rainbow eyes?
--We still don't know what Regene's motivation is, and he's still hot.
--Oh, come on. I don't mind Lyle/Anew developing fast, but I mind that we go from vague flirting to freaking aishiteru offscreen. That's just ridiculous. I am, however, somewhat comforted by the spoilers from next episode; it's rushed and poorly paced, but at least it should actually give Lyle some personality.
--Everyone murmuring their Reason For Fighting should be very powerful and all that, but as is usual with this show, they have to go and cut to "Veda." "Gundam." after all the names of people. I giggled. But that's part of this show's charm, and anyway it's nothing new to the second season.
--However, I must object to the implication that Veda is Tieria's reason for fighting in a way comparable to Marie for Allelujah, Sergei for Soma, Saji and Louise for each other, etc etc. We all know that's not the case anymore. But I guess that's just because they're currently planning to capture an Innovator and get Veda back...well, later episodes had better ramp up the Tieria-->Lockon to make up for it, anyway.
--Please, we all know Marina isn't going to die.

Okay, tomorrow is for watching the new episode and introducing Nena at campfuckudie.
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