ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Gundam 00, episode 44.

--You know, before this season is over I want to see Shirin rocking a gun.
--Goddammit, Marina. There is a time and place for pacifism, and when you're fleeing for your lives with a bunch of helpless children is not one of them. I really hope we're not supposed to see her as being in the right here, but I have a feeling we are.
--It's interesting that Setsuna doesn't seem to mind (and is even encouraging) Saji being fixated on finding Louise in this battle.
--Poor Allelujah. But seriously, if you can't even call her by the name she wants to use, don't be surprised when she ditches you to go fight on her own!
--When did Lyle become so intensely focused on defeating the Innovators? When did this happen? He spent so long just plain not seeming to care. Is it related to his newfound true love for Anew? Maybe "I don't care about Anew's identity so long as I can defeat you" was a slightly off translation; perhaps the implication was actually, "if I can defeat you, then I don't have to worry about Anew's identity"?
--So the GN particles from the Twin Drive are changing Setsuna into a Newtype...and oh dear, from Ribbons's reaction to this, is that the first step towards becoming an Innovator? (Makes one wonder about Soma, too.) And if that's the case, what color hair will Setsuna have? I'm hoping for pink so he can be Feldt's twin.
--Trans-Am is now JESUS GUNDAM.
--Also PLOT DEVICE GUNDAM. There's Hallelujah again! Will he actually do something this time?
--Huh. Setsuna actually changing the Gundam into a tool for communication rather than destruction is a twist I didn't expect.
--Oh, are Saji and Louise going to have a telepathic dream reunion? I like those.
--"Louise, let's return to how it was back then." I am pretty sure you can't do that, Saji. It doesn't work that way.
--It's interesting to note how much "peace" is a result of perspective. Those who were fucked up before the first season--the original Meisters, for example--see the world as it was then as being already unacceptable, whereas those who suffered during the resulting chaos see that previous world as being peaceful and the world that was created as being the wrong one.
--Vengeful Louise is so hot.
--Can we not having Saji Jesusing Louise already? Please let there be more to it than this.
--Vengeful Soma is even hotter.
--Graham standing off to the side soliloquying about A Proper Battle is just so...Graham.
--Shirin telling Marina that she's just a hindrance so long as she refuses to use a gun makes sense, but I have the feeling Marina will manage to save the day with her song at some point, just like Saji saved the day through...basically crying, really. Oh Saji.
--It is pretty sad that Lyle is the only one who notices that Revive looks like Anew.
--Evil Anew is so much hotter than moe Anew.
--Innovators have such bitchfights.
--God, I love Nena. Are you about to give me everything I want, episode? I think you are.
--Okay, after that, I kind of have to forgive the second season for some of the things that have failed about it. Not everything, but damn. I love Nena so much.
Tags: anime post, gratuitous gundam post, gundam 00

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