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Gundam 00, episode 45.

--For a master strategist, Sumeragi is really not a very good interrogator. And considering she's one of the only ones remaining with any social skills, that doesn't bode well for the rest.
--Nice of you guys to save this whole "dialogues to come" thing until almost the end of the show, you guys. I mean, I know they brought it up briefly before, but...sigh. I know, I know. Sunrise Does Not Do Pacing.
--Okay, just because they for some reason want to keep Mileina alive doesn't mean they necessarily have to let you walk away, Revive. Does it? Does it?
--I like that the little "you know, right" to Tieria totally opens the door for lots of Regene/Tieria brainsex fics.
--Anew is a lot hotter when she's evil. Sorry.
--I would really appreciate better animation, though. badass Soma. And yet...considering how they set Feldt up as Mileina's big sister figure, why can't she be the one actually protecting her? Oh well.
--Oh yeah. Quantum brainwaves. Well...Feldt has Innovator hair, she should have quantum brainwaves too!
--I like how everyone else is seriously discussing what to do about the whole, you know, sabotage and attack from inside thing, and Lyle is wandering around with a lost puppy face.
--Okay, okay, Sunrise has some of my forgiveness. I called like fifteen episodes ago that Lyle should casually betray Celestial Being; then I thought he'd do it to cut a deal for Katharon, but an Anew is fine too and actually makes him out to be even more dysfunctional. He obviously doesn't entirely mean it ("you didn't need to actually hit me"), but I prefer to believe there was a pretty big part of him that did. Sunrise would have gotten more of my forgiveness if he'd meant it more, though.
--Oh, Revive. You and your not-so-charming misogyny.
--Are you really sure it's so wise to send Lyle out there after her, Sumeragi? I guess he wouldn't stand for staying back and doing nothing.
--I like how the way the scene cuts there makes it almost seem like Setsuna is calling the Haro their "excellent strategic forecaster." But seriously, how did Sumeragi have anything to do with Haro being in the 0 Raiser when Revive took it? Dammit, Sunrise, you give a cool female character a significant role and then you spend more time trying to convince us she has this amazing brilliant ability than actually showing it.
--Yes, please do give us some insight into Lyle's motivations for being in Katharon and joining Celestial Being! Because they were kind of never given in the show itself.
--Awww, generic romantic images of a generic romantic relationship. I'm kind of torn. On the one hand, more development would have been nice for Anew's soon-to-be-refrigerated sake if nothing else! On the other, it makes it spectacularly obvious how dysfunctional Lyle's need for love and acceptance was.
--Yes, Setsuna. His name is Lyle Dylandy, not Lockon Stratos. And things would probably have gone better all around if everyone could have remembered that sooner. But only a little better, because Lyle's still screwed up.
--Louise gets to call Ribbons "Almark," with no honorifics or anything? Wow.
--Can't Louise turn into an Innovator and still get her happy ending? Please? I'm okay with that.
--Dammit, advertisement for new FMA, don't taunt me with Hughes when I know he's barely going to be in the show.
--Yay, Feldt gets to do something! Even if it's up a virus...
--Yay again, Louise getting to go out in her own special suit!
--Oh my God, the Regnant plays laser tag.
--Aww, Soma getting to be badass to protect Allelujah.
--Okay, now you're just getting creepy, Lyle.
--Aww, obligatory naked people in space scene.
--That was really gorgeous. I'd like to hope when I rewatch I'll be able to catch enough of Lyle's development to really appreciate it better. I mean, it would have been nice if they'd actually given him--and Anew for that matter--more development, but they clearly bit off more than they could chew with this season.
--Batshit crazy Lyle beating up Setsuna: awesome.
--Yes please, more Nena next episode.
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