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Gundam 00, episode 46.

--I am so amazingly late on watching this episode. Considering that it is apparently everything I want, I don't know what happened.
--You know, this whole "everyone angsts over how they had to kill Anew" thing would be a lot more believable if they'd, you know, bothered to give her an actual character.
--At least he's referring to Lyle as Lyle now rather than Lockon. I wonder how common that will be from now on? (But why couldn't they have been a little more direct about how his identity issues tied into his need to live up to his brother? It's not like they were particularly subtle with the identity issues in the first season...)
--Uh, Setsuna, you've got something in your...eyes...
--So they did receive Veda's coordinates...I was going to complain about how L5 is kind of a rather obvious place to hide the secret supercomputer, but having read an article about Lagrange points in New Scientist recently, I know that they're actually huge. Score one for science!
--Okay, seriously, how did Liu Mei and Hong Long survive that easily? They're not even injured!
--There is so much in this season I would be much more interested in if they'd bothered to develop it. Case in point: the whole dysfunctional soulmates/GO SLEEP ON THE COUCH thing Allelujah and Soma have. Although in all fairness, they did give Soma/Marie more development this season than they gave Allelujah himself. On the one hand, it's a nice reversal to see the male love interest largely serving to develop the female love interest instead of vice versa--but really it would have been nicer if they'd been able to develop them both more.
--And again, the way they're paralleling Lyle here to Neil in episode 19 would be really nice if they'd actually developed him! Aaaugh. Granted, it's still kind of cool. But.
--Huh, so we are getting the hint of some possible future mention of Lyle's relationship to Neil, since all we got here was "Niisan..." rather than an open acknowledgment of how he's been affected. But it's still hard to swallow when they essentially spent the first half of the season treating Lyle as a convenient Lockon replacement. Yes, yes, I know I'm expecting too much from the show; it's much cheaper to just put his development in the novels. It's not very fair of me.
--Innovation? As a verb? That's...interesting. Not that it's not something we already knew.
--Okay, for all the other things that are wrong with S2, I have very little complaint about Louise's story arc so far.
--Haha. Fail, Andrei. You're not good enough for Mister Bushido.
--But how is Marina's song spreading? Okay, okay, I guess that's not a major concern.
--I am now justified in laughing at the SEED-bashers who insisted that 00 would be the Gundam that rescued the franchise from SEED by being all serious and stuff. Because "Marina's song of peace saves the world" is totally gritty and serious.
--Oh, jeez. Liu Mei blames everything that's wrong with her life on her brother not being a Proper Man and being able to take over the leadership role? Aaaugh.
--At least Nena calls it like she sees it!
--And suddenly now Liu Mei likes Hong Long! Whoops.
--Yay, Regene actually doing something! But it doesn't seem to me like Nena is so much "siding with the Innovators" as it is that she got bored with Liu Mei and thought Regene offered her a better chance to have some fun and get closer to her revenge.
--Ah, so they didn't get Veda's location, they got the coordinates where they'd pick up Veda's location, which fits with Regene telling Liu Mei not to transmit it as data.
--Thank you for reminding me why I love Graham so much.
--Graham's dialogue is the most amazing part of this show, seriously.
--" yet another who was twisted by our existence." Well, it's nice to see the return of the "Celestial Being is actually pretty fucked up and a very wrong way of solving things" theme. Eventually.
--I almost kind of want to play Graham somewhere. He's such a hilarious weeaboo.
--Yeeeah, Liu Mei, employing a fucking psycho and treating her like your maid was a great idea!
--I love Nena's psycho laugh so much. I also love that she declares that she's doing this "as punishment for [Liu Mei] treating people as objects" when, well, she's a fucking psycho and pretty much lives by that principle herself.
--I also love that she's openly admitting she intends to betray the Innovators.
--I also also love that she automatically assumes it's Ali, because he's the only enemy she cares about, while completely forgetting all the "little people" she's fucked with in her life, because they don't matter.
--Epic clusterfuck battle of crazy and awesome fuck yes
--Louise sounds way too much like Nena when she giggles now, and by "way too much" I mean "exactly as much as she should."
--Sob, Louise. Why does this show keep failing so abysmally on some things and then being perfect on others.
--See, unlike the mecha fanboys, I don't actually care that it should be impossible for Graham to have Trans-Am. I just think that it's cool.
--Well, this isn't gay at all!
--I am not sure how I feel about it turning out that Aeolia was really a benevolent guiding force all along. How does that fit in with the wrongness of Celestial Being in the first season? Will we actually find out?
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