ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Gundam 00, episode 49.

--Obligatory statement of theme from Saji!
--Regnant's transformation is so sexy.
--More delicious messing-with-perspectives-on-war stuff.
--Haha, Andrei. You are still impossible to take seriously.
--God, Louise's voice is so sexy when she says, "I won't let you escape, Gundam." I know, I know, her being crazy and violent is bad and wrong, but she's so hot that way!
--Wait, how the hell does Tieria suddenly know all this?
--I mean, that the Skittles Squad aren't true Innovators is a nice enough twist, but how does Tieria suddenly know?
--I love Billy's stupid deathmachine remote control. As asterphage pointed out, it looks like a ridiculous supervillain remote, and that's perfect because Billy is such a wannabe supervillain.
--Obligatory villain philosophy rant. Okay, makes sense, but in and of itself it doesn't particularly interest me. Since I've been working on character essay stuff for polychromatic, though, I'll note that it seems to me that the A-LAWS philosophy Billy details here is a lot closer to Lockon's worldview in the first season than the ultimate beliefs Setsuna and Saji come up with are. The difference, I think, was that Lockon knew it was wrong but couldn't conceive of anything better to follow himself--instead he trusted that Setsuna would find the right way.
--Oh, Lasse, you are deader than a dead thing.
--Awww, Tieria. Not that I would be particularly worried at this point even if I hadn't been spoiled about his fate.
--Okay, so now that Saji has nobly rescued Louise in a manly fashion, can we see them actually work together, preferably with her being the more active, aggressive one (as she has been from the start, even when she was a spoiled little girl)?
--Her trying to strangle him is also pretty awesome! Attempted murder is always a turn-on.
--Dramatic close-up on the ring! I think I can see where this is going, you guys. Saji/Louise might not even be near the same category as my other two pairings that are prominently symbolized by rings, but it's a nice touch all the same.
--Oh, of course, brainsex threesome solves everything!
--Or it doesn't because Louise randomly dies in the middle of it. Okay, okay, that's not fair, I know they've been setting that up throughout this season. It's just a bit jarring.
--Billy's angstface is unfairly hilarious.
--Hearing Feldt sound badass is so cool! Too bad she won't ever get to do anything.
--Seeing Lyle fight Ali messes with my Lockon muse so bad.
--Setsuna just performed what can most accurately be called a JESUS BURST, didn't he.
--A rainbow Jesus burst.
--Sigh. It would be nice if they'd let Marina do something more. Oh, well.
--Fuck yes, Lockon voiceover in Setsuna's Jesus moment.
--Oh, instrumentality. Also, sexy Regene. But are we ever going to find out just how Setsuna became an Innovator, or will it just be "lol the gundam did it"?
--The shot of Regene's body just lying there is hilarious.
--Okay, the Lyle vs. Ali fight just got sexy. If only because Neil got brought up. I'm predictable.
--Is it just me, or does Hallelujah sound freakier and crazier than ever?
--Billy's denial in the face of Sumeragi's calm acceptance, also hilarious.
--Um, I'm not sure "liked" was the right translation for "suki" there. Not that I'm any expert, but the proper translation of "suki" is a fairly well-trod subject in fandom.
--Ooh, I get the sense that...both Marie and Soma are out right now?
--Oh, I see, we're getting a bunch of sequences where the good guys get the bad guys to admit their real feelings and motivations.
--They are laying on the understaaaaanding theme a little thick even for Gundam here. But that's just how they roll.
--Whoa, maybe Lasse won't die because Setsuna's Jesus powers heal him.
--Awww, Saji and Louise.
--"It's the light from his heart." Hahahaha oh this show's dialogue.
--Oh, Tieria.
--Oh fuck yes, Lyle.
--Bawww, Tieria.
--I am trying so hard not to tear up at Tieria's speech because nothing else in this show has outright made me cry and that would just be unfair.
--For all my issues with S2 (along with the accompanying certainty that having these issues makes me a Bad Fan), I am fairly satisfied with the ending so far.
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