ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Gundam 00, episode 50.

--Last episode fuck yeah. For once, I am not spoiled. Well, barely spoiled; I caught a glimpse of some conversation indicating that Soma/Marie survives, but I was expecting that.
--Ooh, and finally Setsuna's previous season of "there is no god :| :| :|" comes to the natural conclusion of him fighting God. Or at least someone who thinks he's God.
--Wrong, Ribbons. Setsuna is the Messiah. Duh.
--Why are they shouting their own names? Oh, well.
--Wow, Lasse not dying. Did anyone call that before the previous episode aired?
--No, no, please do not tell me that Soma/Marie will be helpless and in sickbay for the last episode. I will be very unhappy.
--Okay, the Reborn(s) Gundam is pretty sexy now. I don't get why Setsuna is so surprised to see that it's a Gundam, but I guess it ties into him being just that charming little bit of crazy and expecting Gundams to always be the Good Guys because because because Gundam.
--Sweet, 00 Gundam should be pretty thoroughly wrecked by the end of the episode, and there will be drama over rescuing Setsuna.
--So suddenly Allelujah and Hallelujah are back together? That was fast. It is almost comical how much they shaft him for screentime.
--Ooh, I guess we'll get to see Lyle take down Revive.
--I almost feel sorry for Hilling, except that, you know, it's hard to feel sorry for any of the Innovators/Innovedo when they basically existed to be pretty and evil.
--Interesting that Ribbons cares enough to turn away from Setsuna and start going after Allelujah, though.
--Awww, Lyle. (I do in fact see what they did with his eye there and kind of wonder how deliberate a callback to the first season it was.)
--Sweet! Sparkly naked Tieria apparition thingy!
--I was going to ask about just how Ribbons managed to get that solar furnace when it looked to me like Setsuna pretty much totally fucked him up back there, but you know what, it doesn't really matter. I'll just admit that I can barely follow mecha battles.
--The flower Feldt gave him! I can has OTP vibes? Maybe? A little? Although I'm sure Marina will play a larger role in reviving him.
--Okay, what? What the hell just happened with Exia there? I am still so clueless.
--Aww, Marina.
--Noooo Setsuna don't go boom. :( :( :(
--The flower. :(
--It's pretty neat to see Marina actually getting to do something.
--But dammit, what happened with Graham? I wanted him to become Setsuna's disciple.
--Man, Setsuna is so Jesus. He healed everything.
--Wait, what the fuck, Anew?!
--Are they, uh, going to explain that? Hello?
--General Mannequin. Hot. Now where is Patrick?
--In a suit! So adorable! And still calling her "colonel"!
--And of course they're getting married. Good end.
--Bawww so OTP.
--But LOL at Andrei. Just...LOL. I don't really care either way, but I love that his failure to die will make fans rage.
--Aw, at least we see something of Graham. Although I am disappointed he didn't get to be awesome.
--...Lyle is sexy.
--Bawww, Neil's name on the gravestone. ;_; And just for completeness's sake we get their parents' names too.
--Aww, and Anew.
--Aww, Allelujah and Marie. Well, even if Marie failed to do anything the whole episode, at least they look cute together. And, um, there's always the movie? Sigh.
--And ceiling Tieria is 100% canon.
--Oh jeez, and ending with a big dramatic shot of Jupiter as a teaser to the movie. You're not subtle, guys. Oh well! At least I can still hope for Graham getting to do something awesome in the movie. And maybe an explanation for the new Innovators/Innovedo. Who knows.
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