ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

on gundam jesus.

keeps: Eight DVDs. 52 episodes. All culminating in one grand moral lesson. Which is: "Shut up, kid, and do your homework." Wow, really?
annwyd: ...what series is this?
keeps: Fushigi Yuugi.
annwyd: The last anime I finished was fifty episodes culminating in the grand moral lesson, "Why don't you call more often?"
lilairen: So a Jewish mother anime.
annwyd: The main character did end up being Jesus, but that happens a lot in anime.
lilairen: ... that is one of the better sentences to take out of context that I've seen in a while.

I need good scans of this and this so bad. For iconing purposes, naturally.

rl plans
More room-cleaning.
Find my damned cellphone.

animu plans
Watch Gurren-hen.
Start watching Baccano! (probably).

fanfiction plans
Try to get a little more done on the serious Tieria-centric Lockon/Tieria fic.
Start the gratuitous self-indulgent post-series AU Lockon/Tieria fic.
See if I can start some more Gurren Lagann fic, possibly for the kinkmeme.

roleplay plans
Figure out what, if anything, I should post to do with the attack on the Major at polychromatic.
Tomorrow: Sheryl post.
Finish P3 replay so I can canon update Akihiko at campfuckudie. I have a post idea in mind for him; I'm not sure whether I should have it also mark his canon update.
Read and reread some Hellblazer so I can get back into John soon.
Possibly: reread huge chunks of an even huger favorite childhood series in the hopes of finally getting a chance to play a character I've wanted to play for years. We'll see.
Tags: fanfiction ideas, gundam 00, quotes, roleplay, things to avoid doing

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