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So in all the animu fuss in my last entry, I forgot to talk about Fruits Basket. I'm up to the middle of volume 15.

After volume 14 I kind of love Haru/Rin to pieces. It's kind of warped and should-be-dysfunctional but also perfect and adorable at the same time, because this cheesy manga is good at that. As a bonus it hits my "intense devotion" kink. The gender reversal is nice, too: Rin is the wild and troubled one, and Hatsuharu is the nurturing and supportive one. Also, it's hot, while most of the other pairings are just cute. And I love Rin kind of a lot. She's a badass and a drama queen and it makes perfect sense that she's a drama queen. Like pretty much everyone else so far, it's easy to see why she is the way she is, and it's really easy to feel for her. Which is really what I love about this series: it seems like Takaya loves, understands, and sympathizes with all her characters. I just want to hug everyone.

From what fandom had told me about it, I'd expected to hate it, but I don't actually have much of a problem with the way the Yuki/Tohru thing was resolved. I think both fandom and to a lesser extent Takaya herself could have done with a bit less emphasis on the "I was looking for a mother. I needed a mother's love" and more on "Even I want someone who lives on my level. I want to need someone, and be needed in return. I don't want to just sleep. I don't want to just receive. I want to give...something only I can give." The text itself points out (if somewhat belatedly and perhaps a little half-heartedly) that the mother issue isn't the dealbreaker, with Kakeru's "I heard that lots of people look for moms in their girlfriends." I like and feel for Yuki fine, especially since I can easily identify with the particular brand of emotional abuse he suffered. But there was a noticeable difference between his need for Tohru and desire for her to save him, and Kyou's attempts to build a relationship with her.

Something back in volume 12, I think, made me want to ship Yuki/Haru/Rin more than I ever wanted to ship Kyou/Tohru/Yuki. I'll have to go reread and figure out what it was.

For those of you who've worked with fabric and specifically with marking fabric: what kind of fabric chalk or marker do you recommend? I definitely need to mark out the lines for the paint beforehand, but I'm unsure what would be best for that purpose, especially considering the material is lycra. (I'll also be marking them off with masking tape and sticky paper that's been cut into circles, although first I'll test to see if the fabric paint I'm getting doesn't wind up gluing the tape or paper to the fabric.) So far I'm looking at this or something like this.
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