ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

It is finally done. There's always a certain mixture of accomplishment and shame at finishing a long and involved...essay about an anime pairing. On the plus side, I can move on to some of the other ridiculous fandom things I want to do!

Some of the other ridiculous fandom things I am going to do tomorrow:
* Work on an application.
* Get to work on the costume (I will at least do the gaffer tape strips and start figuring out how to use the fabric chalk to indicate where the lines will go. I've been slacking because it's so hard getting in and out of the bodysuit, and it's impossible to work on it without being in it).
* Possibly get some more threads in at campfuckudie. I feel really bad about how I've been ignoring it, because I definitely still want to play Nia and I want to at least try to get back into the others before giving up on them.

I will cap tomorrow's planned activities there for now lest I get carried away. Here are some of the ridiculous fandom things I am going to do once I've gotten some of that out of the way:
* Watch Baccano.
* Watch Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (at the very least the first season).
* Work on some of my Gundam 00 fanfic.

For now: oh my God, Kaoru, why would you teach him that.
Tags: cosplay, roleplay, ship_manifesto, things to avoid doing

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