ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool


To accomplish today:
Get to Baltimore without collapsing under the weight of all my baggage. My literal baggage. For once it outweighs the emotional stuff.
Employ forced labor to finish my costume.
Get my registration--not while in costume, as I do not want to die of heatstroke.

Excessive electronic devices I will be taking with me:
A working digital camera, with whose operation I am not very familiar.
My iPod Nano.
My cellphone.
A laptop.
The terabyte external hard drive on which I put all my anime.

I also have:
Five single volumes of manga plus an omnibus edition of Clover.
Everything needed to finish making my costume except competence.
BPAL. Lots of BPAL.
A lavender PVC jacket acquired at a Manhattan flea market.

I wish I had something more productive to post, but alas, I do not! All I have is this: for those of you looking for me out of costume who have not met me before, enjoy this picture of my new haircut, and for comparison, this picture from a couple of weeks earlier of me all dressed up with my mother. Yeah, I got over a foot of hair lopped off. Hey, now people can read the back of my clever Threadless T-shirt!
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