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Because at least I still have my music files.

Otakon report will come later. I really do not have anywhere near as many cosplay pictures as I should.

For now, here. I've been building up a bunch of song choices for characters in series I RP from.

gurren lagann

Dig [Splashdown]
       I hope that Truth of Soul was right to say there isn't a bottom to hit,
       'Cause if there is, then throw a shovel down
       To let the world come in as an easy fit.
       I'm gonna dig, dig, dig.
       I'm gonna dig, dig, dig.


Are Birthdays Happy? [Jens Lekman]
       Once I was a bully;
       I couldn't stand weakness
       In somebody's side.
       To understand it fully
       You gotta be haunted
       By the same black dogs as I
       And spend your days worrying
       That you never see the surface.


Extraordinary Way [Conjure One, featuring Poe]
       God, I'm lucky, so much luckier than I ever thought I'd be,
       'Cause what I have (what I have)
       Means so very little to this world:
       A promise that I kept and a bridge that I saved before it burned.
       The sacrifice that I made
       Brought me to my knees,
       The choice that cost me everything and set somebody else free.
       What I have
       Is the value that you see in these things...

Sweet Blossom [Émilie Simon]
       Their happiness will shine,
       Their happiness will grow,
       And I hope you don't mind if I
       Let them go.


Dites-Moi [South Pacific (1986 London Studio Cast)]
       Dites-moi pourquoi
       La vie est belle?
       Dites-moi pourquoi
       La vie est gaie?
       Dites-moi pourquoi,
       Chère mademoiselle,
       Est-ce que parce-que
       Vous m'aimez?

Simon and Nia. I have a bunch of other songs for them, but I've already shared them all.

gundam 00

Machine Ballerina [Suzanne Vega]
       Soldier of tin,
       Standing so loyal,
       While you sit so royal,
       Then I'm put away?

Nena and her brothers.

A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife [Stars]
       The snow fell hard from five to five.
       You had to drink to stay alive,
       But you were hoping it would kill you, too.
       At least you'd have something changing you.

Sumeragi. Ish.

Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights) [Anberlin]
       Lose no time; cannot survive.
       I made mistakes in the past.
       Need a chance; can't take it back.
       Wish I could set things right tonight.

Setsuna at the end of the first season.

Feel It Turn [Great Big Sea]
       I had a dream I was moving forward,
       Floating gently to the sun.
       I've come to see my world rewarded;
       A new day has begun.

Setsuna, after all is said and done.

Idly I De-Ice [Bel Canto]
       Behind a misty garden gate,
       A place not drawn on any map,
       Where barefeet angels dare not tread,
       I have found myself sometimes.
       You were the one to guide me out of there.
       As you held my hand, a thorny bush scratched your face.
       The night was old and we were running fast.

Tieria at the end of the first season.

Didn't You Know It? [Bel Canto]
       So many things I don't want to know;
       Told a friend one day, but he says I'm OK,
       'Cause we're born within the x-generation,
       Virtually real with a planet to heal.

Tieria, in the end.

Lonely Soldier [Damien Rice and Christy Moore]
       Lonely soldier, go home.
       Lonely, but never alone.
       Good eyes see nothing to shoot,
       Good feet feel good giving up good boots.

A Pistol for Paddy Garcia [The Pogues]

Lockon. You just might have noticed: my philosophy is increasingly "it doesn't matter if I absolutely cannot find the perfect lyrics to satisfy me so long as it's kind of Irish!" Someday I'll find something that's really appropriate. For now, have these.

Magpie [The Mountain Goats]
       And when the cherry's ripe with blossoms,
       Be ready and be brave,
       And remember what we had here
       When there was something left to save.

The Undertoad [Cats Laughing]
       The TV is blasting with the news of the day:
       Rockets and missiles and bombs going off;
       She said, he said, who shot who;
       Break-ins and freak-outs, high society;
       Mothers and fathers and a baby who cried.
       I remembered to tell you but forgot what I wanted to say.

Different aspects of Lockon.

Bad Boyfriend [Garbage]
       I've got a fever,
       Come check it and see:
       There's something burning and rolling in me.
       We may not last but we'll have fun till it ends.
       C'mon, baby, be my bad boyfriend.

Nena to Setsuna.

Love You 'Till the End [The Pogues]
       I just want to see you
       When you're all alone.
       I just want to catch you if I can.
       I just want to be there
       When the morning light explodes
       On your face. It radiates;
       I can't escape,
       I love you 'till the end.

There Will Always Be an Ireland [The Mountain Goats]
       What we did,
       The things we said,
       Your hand resting
       On my head--
       There will always be an Ireland.

Lyle and Anew.

The Ghost of a Smile [The Pogues]
       You can't take it with you when you go,
       You can't take it with you when you go.
       You gotta walk, walk that mile,
       And I'll be with you, honeychild,
       And I'll do it for the ghost of a smile.

Shadow Song [The Mountain Goats]
       This is a song for you,
       In case I never make it through
       To where you are.
       This is a song for you,
       In case I never make it through
       To where you are.

Lockon and Tieria to each other, respectively.

bonus: persona 3
A Shoulder to the Wheel [Bel Canto]
       You're trying hard to reconstruct your image
       And you're doing (doing, doing, doing) right.
       But I think that you will always stay like this,
       When you put your idle shoulder to the wheel.

Akihiko, pre-resolution. This is actually a song for quite a lot of characters I play or have played in the past. Once again, I have a pattern.

Sparks Are Gonna Fly [Catherine Wheel]
       Falling down, I reached my highest line.
       I've got a good idea what breaks you, makes you shine.
       Now the sparks are gonna fly
       'Cause I'm turned on again,
       Burning up the future.

Akihiko, post-resolution.

Engine Heart [Mirah]
       Be still, my heart.
       Engine turning over, won't you start?
       This one's come to tear me all apart--
       Be still, my heart.

Aigis: the moe side.

I also still have my video game files, contrary to what I originally thought, so my Persona 2: Innocent Sin savegame remains intact and I can continue playing. But for now I'm more interested in working on my Gundam 00 RP and fic.
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