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It has been brought to my attention that I have failed to make an Otakon post. I am aware of this, and it needs to be corrected. So let's begin.

Let us not go into detail about Thursday. It was made of hell and fail. I miss all the official art for iconing and fanart for WTFing at that I lost on my terabyte, and I miss having a laptop.

All right, that's out of the way. Friday! I was in cosplay on Friday. It was pretty fail cosplay (and where it succeeded it was largely due to boosette's steady hand with the paint and autophanous's additional guidance) and if I go back next year I'm definitely going to fix it up first. But hey, at least I had a cool wig.

I wandered around taking pictures with Simons and other Gurren Lagann characters.

I also got one of a decent Simon and Viral by themselves:

This next one is my favorite, because we are bamf ladies.

I didn't actually go to any panels on Friday. I was half-dazed from the heat and my desperate attempts to balance hydration with my need to keep my bladder relatively empty, because I sure as hell wasn't getting to the bathroom until I could get out of the costume. The polychromatic meetup also failed, but I made arrangements with marginoferror to make the next day's better. Then I went to the campfuckudie meetup and got to see some people, but mostly I just sat there being dazed (you see a theme here) and being grateful to sit down.

This Rydia was actually someone at the campfuckudie meetup. Unfortunately I'm not sure who (I think the only other person there cosplaying her CFUD character at the time was yzak, although I might be wrong). But it's a seriously awesome costume.

I'm not actually sure how I made it to the Gurren Lagann photoshoot at eight, but it involved a lot of wandering around the dealer's room and surprisingly little buying of stupid stuff (although I did end up with four new doujinshi, since despite the eternal obnoxious of the guy at the yaoi booth, they had a fantastic selection for Gundam 00 this year, including a fair amount of gen). Eventually, eight o'clock came and I hit the lobby for the photoshoot.

I met mechasexual here to give her a hotel key, and she took those pictures for me. Then I fled back to the hotel, dumped the costume, and changed into something sane. Afterwards, I hung out with moebot for a while and didn't get nearly enough time with ew_younerd.

Saturday was saner, even if I was disappointed that I didn't manage to cosplay. I woke up early to get to the 9:00 Gundam Model Building Workshop and learned some Helpful Tips which I will use to put together first GN Archer, as practice, and then the model I got at Otakon itself. More on that later. Most of the panel was about painting, though, which I am totally not hardcore enough to do. Some of the tips about battle-weathering your models were really cool, though.

After that and some napping, I went to the Saturday polychromatic meetup, which was much more successful than Friday's had been. In fact, it was a little too successful; if I'm still doing the same thing next year, I'll arrange a different, quieter location.

More pictures were had of other people's costumes.

This is adesso's Gwendolyn and pengiesama's Velvet! They are pretty awesome.

Random Angel Wing Rinoa!

This picture is really disappointing for what it is: a pair of actual twin brothers cosplaying Hikaru and Kaoru. They were much more entertaining in person, where they stuck together all the time and spoke in unison.

Sexy Fate/Stay night cosplayers. Look how pimping that Rin is; she has an Archer on each arm.

Okay, you have to be ready for the next and last one, because it's the best Final Fantasy cosplay picture ever. Ready?

Yeah. Yeah. The best part is I got it by accident. Kefka was hanging out with Celes (there was a fantastic FFVI group wandering around, but unfortunately this is all I got of them; there are bound to be more pictures of them out there somewhere), and I walked up to ask for a picture of them. Kefka started to get into position, and then the Tonberry King, who had been wandering by, began silently advancing on him.

Kefka reacted ICly: backing away and wailing, "I hit for three or four thousand damage and I have very little HP!"

Eventually the Tonberry King reached him and he fell over in a defeated heap.

I went to dinner with sadieko and her friends, and when it got late I went to the "How (Not) to Write a Lemon" panel. Their use of the term "lemon"--not to mention the constant references to Gundam Wing yaoi pairings--just drove home for me how outdated Otakon often is in some regards. It was still pretty funny, though.

I also got up early on Sunday to go to the steampunk fashion panel, which was pretty cool even if they budgeted their time terribly and wound up ending the panel before they could do half the stuff they wanted to. After that, mechasexual and I wandered around the dealer's room for a while, bought too much stuff, and went and had lunch with some other friends of hers.

Then I went home.

The stuff I got! Less than usual at Otakon. This is in part because I bought adorable mascot figures for Gurren Lagann (turned out to be Simon) and Macross Frontier (turned out to be Klan), which I then...lost. Otakon really defeated me this year. It got in a critical hit at the start of the fight and then barely ever let up.

Still, the Trinity doujinshi and the Setsuna/Tieria doujinshi are adorable. And I got Berserk figures! That's Guts and Corkus, in case the picture makes it hard to tell.

I also arranged for some of the figures to play nicely with each other.

Sleep well, Setsuna. You have two...friends watching over you. ♥
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