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A++ would get trolled again

Posting from the front steps of the local public library, where the fringes of their wireless network extend even when they're closed on weekends in the summer. My router at home has gone to join such luminaries as Violet, the previous computer that my father and I killed when attempting to upgrade its graphics capacity. It will not be replaced until Tuesday at the earliest.

My life is awesome. Edits with further information forthcoming.

Edit #1: I will not be able to make it to the scene on Brave and the Bold on Monday night. Since I never mastered evilbeej and infinitepryde's trick of phone-MU*ing, that means you either have to find a way to do the scene without me (which sucks because I had some stuff planned for it too) or delay it yet again.

Edit #2: Going to go post hiatuses on polychromatic and campfuckudie. This is actually pretty good timing for the former, terrible timing for...well, everything else, really.

Edit #3: Hiatus posted to campersfuckoff. The one for polychromatic will be a little more difficult since I never got around to joining poly_tldr with this journal, but I'll go do that now.

Edit #4: Hiatus posted to poly_tldr. More important: if you have me friended you should be able to send text messages to my cellphone through Livejournal. If that doesn't work, my cellphone number can be found here. Text me. Or call me. I will also be attempting to get the AIM program on my cellphone working.

Edit #5 (final?): Over the weekend, I am going to work on my game of Persona 2: Innocent Sin (as at least I already have the walkthroughs of that up on my computer), write a lot of fanfic (I might even start on that AU Lyle/Anew idea, even if I never put it anywhere public because lol fandom "ewww they suck go back to writing t-chan!!!" vs. "if you're too stupid to appreciate them in canon, gtfo and go back to your stupid OOC yaoi!"), and possibly watch some of the anime I have piled up on DVD. For now, I am going to finish checking up on LJ, then head back home for dinner.
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