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conclusion: mai-hime.

Required for Sunrise endings: explosions, tears, sparkles.

Not required: logic.

Actually, I thought it was pretty good.

They kind of glossed over it in exchange for More Sparkle Time, but I'm assuming that the reason Mashiro was able to resurrect all the HiMEs' Childs and precious ones was the Power Of Miyu And Alyssa's Love And Sacrifice. I wish that to underscore that, Miyu and Alyssa had at least remained dead, but oh well. For the most part, an ending where everyone gets to come back and be happy is exactly what I wanted for this show. I went through a short period after Takumi's death where I wasn't sure if we'd get one and I was slightly panicky over it.

I still feel like most of the male characters reek of fanboy self-inserts, but Yuuichi, at least, has some redeeming traits as well. Once they quit with the annoying quadrangle stuff towards the end and just focused on his and Mai's feelings for each other, that relationship wasn't that bad, although I still felt like with all the fanservice and generic cheap romance crap they put it through, the main love quadrangle was one of the weaker parts of the show.

Favorite characters: Shizuru, Midori, Takumi, Haruka. I have my application for Shizuru at amatomnes mostly written; I've almost certainly made my decision on where to apply for Midori (although it depends on timing and how I'm feeling then); and once I feel up to it, I may apply for Takumi at polychromatic.

Favorite pairings: Shizuru/Natsuki, Akira/Takumi, Haruka/Yukino. I also enjoy me some Midori/Nao and Midori/Mai on the side, as well as Haruka/Shizuru, a dash of crazy Shizuru/Natsuki/Nao threesome, Akane/Kazu, a bit of Chie/Mai, and...well, I could probably be convinced by just about any combination of the girls, really. For platonic relationships I love Mai/Mikoto and Mai/Takumi. I like the friendship stuff that goes on with Mai/Yuuichi and can even tolerate it as romance towards the end as well. As I said, the other aspects of the quadrangle were still annoying (although Shiho had some decent moments), but nothing quite compares to the sheer wrongness of Ishigami/Yukariko. He fucked her over way more than Shizuru fucked Natsuki over. Hell, he did at the very least mind-rape her. I am just going to pretend that that pairing and its horrifying happy ending doesn't exist.

However, Sister Nao is the most hilarious thing ever.

I'm not sure what I'll do for fanworks. Roleplay may be enough for me, or I might write some fic. I'd like to get back to my Gundam 00 stuff first, since I have so much in progress and refuse to let it die out just because other stuff has my interest.

I know for sure I'm not touching fandom (ha ha, watch me totally not stick to this promise). I don't want to deal with the moronic fanboys, and I definitely don't want to deal with the haters going on about how I'm a rape apologist who proves that yuri fans are evil. So, staying in my safe corner like I try to do with Gurren Lagann fandom.
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