ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

the company I keep

scattersane says, "I am nailed to the bed by Kitten."
annwyd says, "Awwww."
annwyd says, "...It occurs to me I don't know whether you mean an actual kitten, or a new sex slave called Kitten."
scattersane says, "She will have to be moved at some point, though, because I have D&D today."
scattersane says, "No, actual kitten."
annwyd says, "Yay!"
scattersane says, "A sex slave I could toss around without guilt."

scattersane says, "Aw, I think Nyar has a wound on her cheek. Those fights with her sister might be getting a little too vicious."
scattersane says, "The kittens love to fight. They'll just rampage across the room trying to fit each other's faces into their mouths."
annwyd says, "........."
annwyd says, "Did you name a kitten Nyarlathotep."
scattersane says, "Yes."
scattersane says, "Her sister is Yog-Sothoth."
Tags: omfg cthulhu, quotes, wtf

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