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The Reveal of the Infinitely Returning Musics Meme

And now, finally, the answers to the last lyrics meme. This time I've uploaded all the songs and shared them, because I can. I make no guarantees for quality, since these were just what came up on shuffle.

Question Existing [Rihanna]

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit? Can I endure some more?
Chances are given, question existing
Who am I living for?

Learn Today, Earn Tomorrow [Iron On]

All you care about is the bottom line.
I guess you tell yourself that that'll be fine,
But I'll be waiting here just to pass the time
Till this night,
As long as I never care.

Unstoppable [The Calling]

If we had this night together,
If we had a moment to ourselves,
If we had this night together, then we'd be

I Keep a Close Watch [John Cale]

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine,
I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.

I Remember [Evening Primrose]

I remember sky.
It was blue as ink.
Or at least I think
I remember sky.

notes: Evening Primrose was an obscure made-for-TV musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It's about a pretentious poet who goes to live secretly in a department store, finds that there are already a bunch of weird people secretly living there, and falls in love with one of them. In the version I have (sung by Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters, aw yeah), the songs are all woven together, so you kind of need to listen to all of them. So here they are.

If You Can Find Me, I'm Here
I Remember
Take Me to the World

Feel free to pretend it ends there with a happy ending. It doesn't, because it's Sondheim, but it's nice to pretend!

The Best Is Yet to Come [SR-71]

If you could lock the past away,
Step back through the doorway,
This ride has just begun.
If I could change your point of view,
Is there some way I can show you
The best is yet to come.

Don't Let the Devil Ruin It All [Timo Räisänen]

So come on! Let's not
Let just one night
Fuck it all up.
Don't let the devil ruin it all.

notes: This is possibly the perkiest song of the lot.

Another Hundred People [Original Broadway Cast of Company]

Another hundred people just got off of the train
And came up through the ground,
While another hundred people just got off of the bus
And are looking around
At another hundred people who got off of the plane
And are looking at us
Who got off of the train
And the plane and the bus
Maybe yesterday.

Imogen Heap, "Sleep"
Sleep [Imogen Heap]

I think I will
Go back to sleep.

My Body May Die [Pulp vs. The Swingle Sisters]

My body may die but my heart will keep loving you, baby.
Oh, our love will survive the passing of time,
Believe me, believe me.

Holding On [VNV Nation]

I'll believe in you if you believe in me,
But I have no trust in anything.
Somehow I'm always, always falling over me.

If I Were a Weapon [Suzanne Vega]

Oooh, if I were a weapon,
You said I'd be a gun,
Lethal at close range, I guess,
With silencer and stun.

notes: I love Suzanne Vega. I'm not sure if this is something I should be ashamed of or not.

Acoustic #3 [Goo Goo Dolls] (guessed by sapphire_hime)

And I wonder where these dreams go
When the world gets in your way.
What's the point in all this screaming?
No one's listening anyway.

Don't Drag Me Down [Social Distortion]

I begin to watch things change and see them turn around.
Turn around, they'll try to keep you down,
Turn around, turn around,
Don't drag me down.

notes: If I recall correctly, this was in my musics folder from way back when on account of being Isshin's official character song in Bleach.

Furious Angels [Rob Dougan] (guessed by tiassa)

'Cause love, like an invisible bullet, has shot me down and I'm bleeding--yeah, I'm bleeding,
And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.

Dance: Ten; Looks: Three [Original Broadway Cast of A Chorus Line] (guessed by fatimaner)

Dance: ten; looks; three.
And I'm still on unemployment,
Dancing for my own enjoyment.
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.

notes: Less officially known as "Tits and Ass."

Green Finch and Linnet Bird [Original Broadway Cast of Sweeney Todd]

Green finch and linnet bird,
Nightingale, blackbird,
How is it you sing?
How can you jubilate,
Sitting in cages,
Never taking wing?

Missed My Chance [Griffin House]

All those tables I'd written on
Were vanished as if I had never been there,
Like the poets and prophets who can't find the words so they stare,
And all that made sense has somehow turned askew.
I missed my chance with you.

Indoor Fireworks [Elvis Costello and the Attractions]

Indoor fireworks--
We swore we were safe as houses.
They're not so spectacular,
They don't burn up in the sky,
But they can dazzle or delight
Or bring a tear,
When the smoke gets in your eyes.

A Case of You [Joni Mitchell] (guessed by joiedecombat)

Oh, you are in my blood like holy wine,
Oh, and you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet.
Oh, I could drink a case of you,
I could drink a case of you, darling,
And I would still be on my feet.
Oh, I'd still be on my feet.

Damaged [Queensrÿche]

Psychoanalyze the chapters
On the path to my darkest day.
Searching for the answers,
All I see is damage through the haze.

Wear My Face [Cats Laughing] (guessed by infinitepryde)

Wear my face--
You can have it for a week.
Wear my face--
Aren't the cheekbones chic?

Over the Wall [Splashdown]

Oh, but what they don't know,
That something's been leading me on,
Over the wall,
At night.

Transmetropolitan [The Pogues] (guessed by infinitepryde)

Going transmetropolitan,
From the dear old streets of King's Cross
To the doors of the ICA.
Going transmetropolitan,
We'll drink the rat's piss, kick the shite,
And I'm not going home tonight.

notes: This is a great song for establishing the cultural context of the Pogues and explaining why I only use their music as character songs for Londoners and Irishmen. (And drunken Baltimore cops, but that's canon.)

Just Close Your Eyes [Waterproof Blonde]

If you close your eyes, your life, a naked truth revealed.
Dreams you never lived, and scars never healed.
In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
And find me waiting there, you'll see, if you just close your eyes.

notes: This is probably the soundtrack to something embarrassing (or so I have a faint recollection), but I really love the song anyway.
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