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jewelry and miscellanea.

The necklace problem has been solved. Behold:

That is my father's old tie rack. Not pictured: all my other necklaces and pendants that it doesn't have space for. Fortunately, most of them are unlikely to tangle.

I have been productive in the most vague of fashions lately, applying for a temporary job canvassing around election time, but I haven't been contacted back about it yet. Applying was good practice, I guess. I'll keep poking around Craigslist.

I've also been to the library a lot; I picked up a couple of Diana Wynne Jones books (Cart & Cwidder, Charmed Life) and some Ursula K. Le Guin as well (The Left Hand of Darkness, Four Ways to Forgiveness, The Word for World Is Forest). I finished The Left Hand of Darkness yesterday and liked it quite a lot, so after I've caught up a bit on my reread/finishing of Monster I'll probably read some more Le Guin--either that, or read Howl's Moving Castle, which I own. I'm trying to read more lately.

I still have a ton of fic-writing to do, but I inch forward on it, bit by bit. Not sure if I'll get my Oktoberfest done for damned, but at least I have the idea. Here's hoping I can make enough of it.

I really want to get back to video games, too. I've been trying to play Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, but I think I'm burnt out on Persona for the time being. I love the characters and setting in all of the games I've played so far, but the gameplay in Innocent Sin drove me crazy, and it's not really any better in Eternal Punishment. So I might put it on the backburner for a while and dive into something else. I was hoping that something else would be Okami, but the Wii version is kind of a pain in the ass with controls; I'm stuck trying to slice through things with the paintbrush at an early point. It's just not happening.

So that leads me back to the PS2 and the computer. I'm looking for something with fun, different gameplay right now, mostly, since Innocent Sin drove me kind of crazy.
Poll #1475774 My Video Game Options

What should I try next on the computer?

Knights of the Old Republic II (pro: is awesome, con: I played a lot of it already and it's slow going getting through all that again right now)
Renegade replay of Mass Effect (also a recent replay, but I'd be choosing a lot of different options...)
Replay The Longest Journey / Play Dreamfall
Emulate Suikoden I
Emulate Vagrant Story
Emulate Star Ocean: The Second Story (I recall enjoying SO3's gameplay a lot...)

What should I try next on the PS2?

Shadow of the Colossus (already started)
Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 3 (which to start with?)
Suikoden III
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Metal Gear Solid
Grim Grimoire
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