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From precto: Write a 250 word prompt about Lockon and the Fat Blonde Commander from Gundam 00 uuu~ It has to be about the two fighting over using the same urinal in the bathroom, uuu~ Post it to your LJ uuu~

It's set in the afterlife bakery, of course. If you don't know what that is, then you haven't watched this. Go ahead; I'll wait.

This is actually 333 words. Live with it.

* * *

There was no doubt that this Goodman fellow was a great baker. His new bakery made such delicious pastries that people came to Heaven from the living world to try them out. Okay, so that was just because Lockon had gotten excited and brought them all in to try them out. But the point stood.

However, he had a major flaw: he'd made the bathrooms in the bakery way too small, and now, out of his stubborn baker's pride, he refused to upgrade them. Even in the men's bathroom, there were exactly two stalls and two urinals. That was it. And this time, when Lockon needed to go, that presented a problem.

Both of the stalls were occupied: Alejandro was in one and Ribbons in the other, and they were playing footsie under the divider. One of the urinals was occupied by Sergei, and no one tried to take a urinal from the Wild Bear of Russia, not even Lockon Stratos. But the other...Goodman was headed for it now.

Lockon hurried over to stop him. "Hey, step back from there!" he said. He'd be more considerate normally, but he really had to go. He'd always thought that sort of thing would go away in Heaven, but it didn't.

"I was here first," Goodman insisted. "And it's my bakery!"

"That means you should take care of the customers' needs," Lockon said, "and build a better bathroom!" He tried to shove Goodman out of the way, but the man's bulk was just too much. Locko realized he would need help.

And that was when a familiar face--or rather, a familiar round robot body--bounded in through the bathroom door. "Lockon needs help! Lockon needs help!" Haro cried, and he launched himself at Goodman's head, sending him toppling to the floor.

"Great job, Haro," Lockon said as he unzipped his pants.

"Sniping the targets? Sniping the targets?" Haro asked curiously as he watched.

"That's right," Lockon said. "Sniping the targets!"
Tags: fanfiction, gundam 00, wtf

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