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Because I finally remembered this.

So my holiday is almost over, and I still haven't posted a wishlist.

I guess I might as well. It's not like I'm too timely myself.

Things I Want This Holiday Season

1) Translations or scanlations of my doujinshi. What I've got scanned in so far is Gundam 00 stuff, an FFVIII Laguna/Raine doujinshi, and couple of old Naruto doujin, but if anyone wants to translate it I'll scan in other stuff (especially my lovely Simon/Nia doujinshi) too. Ask me for details on what I've got.
2) Fanfic for Mai-HiME: any Midori and Nao interaction; any Shizuru and Haruka interaction. Bonus points for Shizuru/Natsuki and Haruka/Yukino, but the key here is the Shizuru and Haruka interaction. I am starved for it from the series themselves. Otome-verse is okay for the latter, too.
3) Fanfic for Macross Frontier: Sheryl-centric stuff.
4) Fanart of any of my OTPs or favorite characters.
5) Fanart of scenes from my fanfic. I'm not an egomaniac at all, nope.
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