ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

The return of the pretentious fic prompt.

I don't know if I'll ever get the holiday gift fics done, so instead, have a general fic prompt.

DISCLAIMER: Actual results may vary. But I need to give myself something to do so I don't mope too much, so here it is.

Prompts this time are pulled from pretty lines in New Scientist. Pick one, then supply character(s) or pairing, plus ideally a more concrete prompt (such as "a moment of rest" or "argument"). Most people should know what fandoms I write for at the moment, but if not, the trends and interests over at archerastar should give a decent idea.

1) convulsed by ancient energies
2) I walk in ghosts and shadows
3) life is giving up its secrets
4) tension can work wonders
5) the past belongs to everyone
6) they might have affected the fundamental shape of the universe
7) fleeting feelings of emotional intimacy as our voices blended into one

Go, go, go.
Tags: fic prompt, prompts
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