ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
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computer stuff + cosplay stuff.

So here I am, all ready to replay Mass Effect in preparation for Mass Effect 2. I have it downloaded from Steam and everything. I go to launch it. I design a new Shepard. Then, in the first scene, it hangs on me, and ever since then this is what I've gotten when I try to launch the game:

Any clues? This same computer played the game originally back in October '08, but now it's flailing at it.

In other Bad Idea Territory, I'm thinking of using some of the cash I've taken in feeding a friend of a friend's cats to commission just the cape from Simon's space arc outfit for cosplaying. Then I can slap on a flesh-toned leotard (or even just some flesh-toned underwear) and cosplay this version of Nia. I already have the wig, and it would be so fun.

I'm not sure where I'd go to commission it, though, or exactly how expensive it would be (nnnnnnot cheap, I know).

Edit: Okay, as for Mass Effect, it looks like something is fucked up with my DirectX. I may attempt to update/reinstall and see how that goes.
Tags: computer, cosplay

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