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So I mentioned that I've been getting paid to feed someone else's cats. It's a pretty sweet arrangement. In exchange for walking about a quarter of a mile in the cold and the snow, I get to play with cats and I get money.

Since I am generous, here I will share pictures of the cats. Forgive how bad my camera is with cat eyes. It's trying its best.

This is Dusty. He's the friendly one. And the fat one. He's this big cat, maybe thirteen to fifteen pounds, and he doesn't meow. He squeaks. It's adorable. Of course, cats generally are adorable (I may be biased).

This is Ming. She's the shy one and the loud one. Also, she's very tsundere. She yells at me for getting too close to her when she doesn't want it, but by now sometimes she'll flop next to me and purr furiously as I scritch her.

Of course, I cannot share someone else's cats without bragging about how cute mine are. So naturally I will now do that.

The Difference Between a Black Cat and a Black and White Cat: An Illustrated Primer.

"The scratching pad is mine, bitches."

"The Q-tip is mine, bitches."

Okay, so Othello's got a scrap of white on him too, if you squint. Here he and Cordelia are watching TV with my parents.

This picture is terrible, but Portia's expression is so ridiculous, I couldn't resist including it.

And I might as well include a few other stray pictures, mostly of Gundam models and figures, since this is a picture post.

In which Tieria towers over his own Gundam. Oh, scaling. Mind you, if I ever finish my 1/100 Dynames it'll tower over both my Lockon gashapon and my SD Lockon Voice I-Doll, but considering how screwed up it is at this point, that's looking less likely. Sadness. At least I'll eventually have a plush Marie to go with my GN Archer. Meanwhile...

Okay, so the Prop Petit Plus Setsuna is from the beginning of S2, and the SD Exia Repair II is from the end of S2, but if you ignore that, I have matching chibi Setsuna and Exia! It is destiny. Just like how I have my much larger Graham and Nena figures watching over my tiny Setsuna. Creepily. And while we're on that topic...

What a glorious union. And by glorious I mean terrifying.

Shitty cellphone picture of me posing with a cardboard cutout! Woo.

Later I'll go back to posting exciting (not really) lists of things I want to get done. But for now, pictures should be enough.
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