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All shipping within North America is $4, unless you're buying a lot, in which case we'll work it out in comments. If you're purchasing from outside North America, let me know in comments and I'll work out how much the shipping will come to.

Where possible, all items will be sent by United States Postal Service packed in a bubblewrap mailer, with additional plastic bags or, where indicated, original boxes and/or wrapping for disassembled figures.

Payment should be made by PayPal. I will ship within two business days of receiving payment.

If you're interested, comment letting me know what items you want.


Kon plush: $6 SOLD
Shunsui gashapon: $5 SOLD
Soi Fong gashapon: $4
Shunsui/Nanao keychain: $3 SOLD


xXxHolic keychain: $3 SOLD
xXxHolic stickers: $2 SOLD
Tsubasa Mokona mini-beach ball: $1 (features advertisement for the TRC anime on the back) SOLD


Sets of stickers: $2 each
First manga volume: $4 SOLD


Final Fantasy XII Penelo Trading Arts Mini Figure: $5
Final Fantasy VIII gag doujin "Fancy Name" by Natsugakuhoh. 18 pages. Price: $5
Phoenix Down charm (not official merchandise): $1


General merchandise

Edward milk bottle/hand towel: $8 SOLD
Alphonse gashapon: $5. Comes with interchangeable heads and chest that opens to reveal a kitten inside. SOLD
Nightgown Winry gashapon: $4 SOLD
Edward gashapon: $3 SOLD
Winry gashapon: $3 SOLD
Both of the above together: $5


Lust/Roy doujinshi "Yami En Bu" by Strawberry Nipple. 19 pages. Hentai. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $6 SOLD

Roy/Riza doujinshi "Sweet Candy Rain" by Sakuramotiya. 19 pages. Hentai. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $4 SOLD

Ordering Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise will also get you one of four random trading cards for free while supplies last.


General figures

Cat not included.

Season 1 Allelujah Portraits trading figure: $11. Comes with box (may be flattened to save shipping) and in its original plastic wrapping. SOLD
Season 1 Sumeragi Portraits trading figure: $8 SOLD
Season 2 Lyle Prop Petit Plus figure: $4. Comes with box (may be flattened to save shipping) but without its original plastic wrapping. SOLD

Calendar figures

Offering April Tieria, May Allelujah SOLD, October Lockon SOLD, November Allelujah, and December Setsuna. I don't like the end of the year. All calendar figures are $9 $7 each and come in their (opened) boxes and original plastic wrapping. If an order is big enough, boxes may be flattened to save shipping.


Lockon/Tieria doujinshi "Oitekebori" by 2sukuizu. 20 pages. Soft yaoi. Price: $8


Athrun Petit Figure: $3 SOLD
Kira Petit Figure: $3
Fllay Chara Puchi figure: $3 ON HOLD
Animage anniversary Athrun bromide: $2 SOLD
Cagalli/Lacus/Kira/Fllay Chara Fortune bromide: $2 ON HOLD


Gundam SEED Destiny gag doujinshi "Wurttemberg" by Chiho & Job. 18 pages. Price: $4 ON HOLD


General merchandise

Sasuke plush: $7
Ino beach figure: $7 SOLD
Shikamaru clip-on strap figure: $4
Tsunade stamp: $3 SOLD
Jiraiya stamp: $3 SOLD
Kakashi stamp: $3
Sasuke stamp: $3
Leaf forehead protector: $2 SOLD
Temari keychain: $2 SOLD


Anime Profiles #1 (Episodes 1-37): $6
Manga volumes 1-4: $4 each, $15 for the set


Kakashi/Sasuke doujinshi "Faceless vol.2" by 25ans. 66 pages. Soft yaoi. Price: $10
Orochimaru/Anko doujinshi by Sanadura. 25 pages. Click here for images. Hentai. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $3


Tri-Colle Rin trading figure: $4
September 2009 Newtype insert extra booklet: $2. Includes information on recent and upcoming projects such as Kara no Kyoukai and the Unlimited Blade Works movie. Japanese text.


Video games

Romancing SaGa (PS2): $8
Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2): $4

Cowboy Bebop

Manga volume 1: $3


Ani-Manga volumes 1-5: $2 each, $8 for the set SOLD


Deneve bust (rare silver version): $6. Comes with box.

Gundam Wing

Heero/Relena + Duo bromide: $2

Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Yuki Nagato poster: $2. Comes pre-folded, so it will have creases. SOLD
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