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Last entry for the night. I promise. Well, unless something comes up. So I don't promise. Whatever.

I need a new panfandom game--preferably a MU*, but as those are hard to come by in panfandom format these days, I'm looking at LJ games as well. It should have as many of the following characteristics as possible:

♦ A "jamjar" setting--that is, characters get yanked from their world into another--rather than one where characters roam freely between their world and the game's (as Keith wouldn't bother exploring other worlds unless he thought he had to in order to eradicate the Mu)
♦ The option to canon-update characters (as I want to try playing Keith first from around episode 19-20 and later from post-canon)
♦ A good balance between journal posting/commenting around and logging¹
♦ Opportunities for an antisocial character to get involved with things
♦ A medium pace--not too fast and not too slow
♦ Not damned or amatomnes (I have tried them. They do not work for me)

Do MU*s like this even exist anymore? Oh, well. I can hope.

¹ Obviously for a MU* this does not apply. Prose LJ games are in theory acceptable, but they tend to be pretty slow, and I don't know if I could handle that. Still...the short of it is that I think Keith would be both easier and more rewarding to play in prose, and I don't want to pass that chance up.
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