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❀ everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ list five of yours.
❀ profit.

in general
1. I can't really get into fandom for anything non-anime-related. I can love a Western live-action TV show to pieces (see: The Wire) or even obsess over someone from it (see: Omar), but I just don't wind up writing fanfiction the way I do for anime/manga/JRPG fandoms. Possibly this makes me a no-good weeaboo. I don't know.
2. I never obsess over female characters the way I do over some male characters. I'll love them just fine, and I enjoy writing about them, but the frenzied fixation just doesn't set in.
3. I think when it comes to pairings, "canon" is a spectrum rather than a hard and fast line. I never obsessively ship pairings that I don't think have some place on the spectrum, even if it's way off towards the grey end. I may happily dabble in other pairings, but I don't attach to them the same way. The flip side of this is that I don't really understand why people fervently ship pairings that are clearly defined as platonic in canon. I'm not going to get on anyone's case about it because that would be stupid, and because I understand that different people have different views of what constitutes "clearly defined as platonic in canon," but a part of me is always going to be kind of ??? about it. It's not a matter of thinking that people who do this are defiling the source canon or some other such nonsense. It's just a lack of interest in inserting romance where I don't see at least the spark of potential for it in canon.
4. I ship so much because there's such a big framework in fandom to support it. I wish fandom had a similar framework to support character studies or gen, because in theory I could be just as interested in them too. But I go with what I feel will get the most attention and connect me most with other fans, and that's romantic pairings.
5. On the other hand, I just plain like writing porn, as base as that is. But it can take me forever to find the right scenario for it, because if I'm going to write porn, I want it to be as in-character as possible, even when that seems absurd.

SUMMARY: I am a hypocrite.

for specific fandoms
1. It is not only perfectly okay but also especially appropriate to the themes of the series if the Alto/Sheryl/Ranka love triangle remains unresolved, or even if it's implied to be resolved with him having potential feelings for both of them. Yes, I know it goes against Macross tradition, but so does some of the other stuff that goes down in the show. [Macross Frontier]
2. Gainax has issues with its female characters, but calling them out on it does not have to mean you hate said female characters. [Evangelion, Gurren Lagann]
3. I like most of Gundam 00's canon pairings in concept and dislike most of them in execution. The one I like both in concept and execution is Kati/Patrick; the one I dislike both in concept and execution is Klaus/Shirin. I dislike the latter because it gets in the way of Shirin/Marina and allows Klaus to usurp Shirin's intelligence and authority while having no significant on-screen dynamic to speak of. [Gundam 00]
4. I don't think Jomy's character arc is anywhere near as interesting as Keith's, and I don't find him remotely as shippable with anyone as Keith is with Matsuka. Maybe he's as shippable with Leo as Keith is with Shiroe, or a little more. That's about it. That said, I don't really care that people disagree except for when it results in there being no decent Keith/Matsuka doujinshi. [Toward the Terra]
5. Anyone who whines about Chris Mackenzie being a bad pilot can go fuck themselves. [Gundam 0080]

SUMMARY: I don't actually have unpopular opinions in specific fandoms.

I want to write something, but I can't get any of my ideas to cohere into a specific fanfic.
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