ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Hi, fandom.

In the vein of the Racebending Revenge ficathon (to which I don't have a link handy at the moment)...

...would anyone be interested in a trans* ficathon? Same basic premise with the obvious twist: take a character who is cisgendered/cissexual (or presumed to be so) in canon and write a fic where they're trans.

I'm thinking of a sign-up where interested people claim a character, a couple months of lead-up time, and then another few months in which the fics can be posted.

♦ Participants can write the character as having been trans and already transitioned/stealth/whatever all along, or they can have the character be first going through the process of identifying as the opposite gender to what they were assigned in canon.
♦ A bonus round of fic about canonically trans/intersexed/genderqueer characters would follow (no need for claiming characters on this one, since there are so few to begin with).
♦ Included: a list of dos and don'ts for writing transgendered characters (stuff like "not all transwomen have castration anxiety" and "not all transmen are butch").

Stuff to decide:
♦ Do I host the journal portion of it on LJ, Dreamwidth, or both? The archiving portion of it would, if at all possible, be on AO3.
♦ Should I get someone else to help me run it?
♦ Would writing characters as intersexed also be allowed?

Ideas? Suggestions? Signal boosts also welcome.

Edit: I'm aware that fics like this are already produced, and in fact I've had plans to write one for a while myself. I just think an organized effort to encourage it would be a good thing.
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