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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab sales post

Since I've given away most of my swappable imps and have more than enough perfume to keep me scented for years to come, it's about time I sold what's left that I don't use. That means several 5mL bottles and a few imps. I accept Paypal payment at annwyd [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Shipping is $3 within North America; let me know if you're elsewhere and we'll work out what it comes to. I generally ship within two business days of receiving payment.

General Catalog 5mL bottles
--$10 each

Centzon Totochtin (down to just below the shoulder)

Limited Edition 5mL bottles
--$15 each
--All tested two or three times but otherwise full (generally up to the bottom of the neck)

Diwali 2007
Hanami 2008
Upa Upa
Midway Resurrected PENDING
Moon of Ice (used slightly more; down to the shoulder)

Other 5mL bottles (Stardust, Carnaval Diabolique)
--$20 each
--Tested two or three times but otherwise full (generally up to the bottom of the neck)

Fairy Wine
Doc Constantine

General Catalog Imps
--$1 each

Cockaigne (discoloration on label)
Dana O'Shee
The Deep Ones
Drink Me
Hymn to Proserpine
Port Royal

Other Imps (Limited Edition and discontinued GC)
--$2 each

Brides of Dracula (decant)
Midnight Kiss
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