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the pairings meme, day 3

Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?

This one's obscure, so I'll give it to you first: that would be Edge/Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. Why pick such an old game for a pairing that needs to happen now, you might ask? Well, because they've released so much new stuff for it relatively recently, including sequels. Frustratingly, none of it (as far as I know) has expanded on Rydia's feelings for Edge and what they mean. In the original, they were ambiguous--she mostly turned him down or ignored him during the events of the game, but at the end, after the quest to save the world was over and she'd had time to mature a bit more, she approached him and he was the one who turned away out of awkwardness.

It appealed to me when I first played FFIV for a few reasons. One was that I liked both characters--Edge for his combination of entertaining hotheaded stupidity and genuine dedication, Rydia for the way she carried her baggage and how she could be both badass and vulnerable. Another was, as always, the chemistry: for such a small and insignificant couple of early '90s video game sprites, they struck an engaging balance between bickering and cautious affection. The last one was that I thought they had things in common they weren't admitting: specifically, both of them needed to grow up in some way--Edge because he'd been raised as a spoiled prince all his life and now had to take over a kingdom, Rydia because she'd grown up among monsters and still needed to figure out how to deal with human beings--and it would be fun to watch them do it together.

The remakes and sequels seem to have forgotten all that in favor of adding more jokes about what a big crush Edge has on Rydia. What I want is more mutual interaction between them, dammit.

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Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?

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