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state of the roleplay

State of the RP
Because I'm still not feeling quite well enough to do anything more productive.

¤ amatomnes

character: John Constantine
canon: Hellblazer (Vertigo Comics)
journal: hellbecoming

usual CR: Hard to tell yet, since he's so new. Buffy is going to be one of them, at least. Probably Elaine, too.
cast: None.
plans: Having him set up gambling. Having him investigate the island. Having him meet the other Vertigo characters. Having him deal with the loss of his magic, and by "deal" I mean "do increasingly desperate things to get the rush."
other: When I'm having trouble with my other characters, somehow I always end up playing John Constantine. Right now he's working out much better in Amat than my previous tries have, but I don't know how long that'll last. I hope it works out this time. Playing him without magic will be very hard, but we'll see how it goes; it might give me some RP opportunities.

¤ campfuckudie

character: Omar Little
canon: The Wire
journal: youbestnotmiss

usual CR: None, really, since I've barely done anything with him.
cast: None, unsurprisingly.
plans: I don't know. I have one post I want to do, and that's about it.
other: Once again I am reminded of why CFUD does not work for me. It's just too open and sandboxy, and the whole commentspam style is too far from what I'm used to. I wind up ignoring it. I always feel bad about ditching it, because the people there are awesome, might be for the best to finally let it go.

¤ capeandcowl

character: Keith Anyan
canon: Toward the Terra
journal: prodigitalson

usual CR: His cast (mostly Matsuka), Bakura, Terra (FFVI). Being Keith, he is hard to get CR for.
cast: Matsuka, Blue, Physis, Leo.
plans: I have a whole arc planned out for Keith here. Next up is spending a while being an even more bitter misanthrope than usual because of the end of the love spell; after that there will be some drama where bad shit happens to him to make him snap, he goes on a calculated metahuman killing spree, and he has to be taken down by his fellow police. After he dies, I'll canon update him to the end of the series, and he can be all awkward and repentant.
other: Some of my CR fail here is because Keith is Keith and avoids getting close to people, but some of it is because I've failed to follow up on plans. I need to fix that.

character: November 11
canon: Darker Than BLACK
journal: icingkills

usual CR: Selina Kyle, James Bond.
cast: None.
plans: I was hoping to have him join Norman Osborn's morally dubious secret team, but that keeps...not happening? He's so bored ICly. So bored. But this is in part my own fault for not doing anything with him.
other: I thought C&C would be a great place for November, since DtB jives with the theme so well, but it's just not happening. Partly (maybe mostly) my own fault for slacking with him. If I can't get him into things soon, I may have to drop back to just Keith in this game.

¤ polychromatic

character: November 11
canon: Darker Than BLACK
journal: icingkills

usual CR: April, the X cast, Natasha, Nemu.
cast: Just him and April now.
plans: His ongoing quest to find a way out of the City to another world! This will manifest first in the fountain plot with Nemu, which should be held next month (good luck not being confusing in the writeups there, self). Then he'll, I don't know, explore a lot with April.
other: I've slacked with my activity for November a lot lately. I need to fix that in time for the fountain plot--especially since I now have an active April. I should also expand his CR a bit.

character: The Cat
canon: Original
journal: ofherfirstfur

usual CR: Cheshire, Peeta, Rosella...a lot of people respond to her posts. I just haven't been as good at responding to them.
cast: Not applicable.
plans: Get steadier CR for her. Investigate more things. Explore the Shadow City. I really haven't used that ability yet, and it has potential. Same goes for her dream-walking abilities.
other: Like I implied above, I'm not doing half the things I could be doing with the Cat. She has a lot of potential and I've been too lazy to exploit it. But she pings me a lot more than original characters usually do, and I enjoy playing her, so I should have the chance to do more with her once I get back into my groove.

character: Haymitch Abernathy
canon: The Hunger Games trilogy
journal: rebounded

usual CR: Just...his cast. Barely.
cast: Katniss, Peeta, Cinna, Finnick, Gale, and Rue, last I checked.
plans: I...don't have any.
other: I love Haymitch, he's very much my type in some ways, but it's hard to get him involved in things and keep threads going with him. There are also aspects of his character that make me uncomfortable playing him at the moment. So while I think I can do a good job with him when I try, and he can be fun on occasion, I will probably drop him and stick with my other two at Poly.

¤ future plans

applied for
Peeta Mellark ♦ The Hunger Games trilogy ♦ damned
→ This should be interesting. I honestly think I'll feel more comfortable playing a THG character in a prose setting, and Damned is the perfect setting for really screwing with Peeta's head, especially considering my canon point with him. I hope I get in.

Okami Amaterasu ♦ Okami ♦ mayfield_rpg
→ I didn't think I'd want to RP from this game for the longest time, but then it just struck me how fun it would be to play Amaterasu, especially since so few of her existing players take advantage of all her personality. She'll be a limited character at Mayfield, since she'll only be able to do action posts, but I'm okay with that; I'm swamped enough as it is.

Gwendolyn ♦ Odin Sphere ♦ mayfield_rpg
→ I wouldn't mind playing Gwendolyn again at a more appropriate setting for me than CFUD. If I like Mayfield enough and feel like I should try a less limited character than Ammy, Gwendolyn may be next on my list.
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