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the pairings meme (returns), day 18

Day 18 - What is the cutest pairing?

Two for one! It had better be, considering how long I've slacked on it.

Akira/Takumi has many things going for it, as a pairing, and while it does have substance, most of them lead back to how cute it is. For one, Takumi is probably the single most adorable character in the series. It's cheap, but he's designed to push moe buttons. He's sweet and polite as well as sickly and submissive. Also, just look at that face. Come on. There's actually quite a bit more to his character, too: beneath his smiles he's lost the will to live after years of being a burden, and his submissive attitude is born as much out of that guilt as it is out of his nature. He needs someone to teach him how to live on his own terms.

Enter Akira, who is a tough, prickly secret crossdresser and ninja. It's tsundere meets moe: when done well, this is a recipe for cute. She forces into Takumi a desire to live again, and the two of them proceed to be awkward and full of blushes and adorableness. And even at the end, she still tops him hard.

The pairing of Fakir/Ahiru is a ballerina princess and a knight, except that really it's a writer and a duck. In that space between the story and the reality lies much cuteness. For one thing, it's tsundere meets moe again, except with more subtlety this time, and subtlety makes it even better. For another, Ahiru is a duck. This leads to scenes where the sullen, stoic Fakir cuddles a duck who is secretly Ahiru. Better yet, it leads to scenes where he reassures her that even when she's a duck, he'll never leave her side. And you know what? In the end, that's what happens. As far as I am concerned, Princess Tutu has a happy ending. It's a fairy tale. Who's to say that these two can't be together as a man and a duck? They're happy that way. And this is adorable.

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