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the pairings meme, day 19.

Day 19 - A pairing you've rooted for since the beginning?

Yeah, so, from the moment I watched "The Warriors of Kyoshi"? I wanted Sokka/Suki. They were a delight to watch together--Sokka being both stupid and clever at the same time, Suki showing him that there's no contradiction between warrior and girl. On top of that, she made him crossdress! I loved them both, and I loved them together, because they were both smart, fierce, funny, and flawed enough to belong with each other.

I liked that even though she was a minor character, Suki got characterization outside of Sokka: she was a leader, she was a little reckless, she was bossy, she was determined. I roll my eyes at the insistence from some corners of fandom that she's "just a vagina" and not a character. She's a minor character, yes, but she has personality. This isn't to say the show handled her perfectly. I think that while her first three episodes were excellent and gave her plenty of personality, her reintroduction and integration into the cast in the third season was lacking, and it disappointed me that she never again really got to show the traits that had marked her as her own character instead of just Sokka's love interest. So yeah, I think the writing on her character fell down a bit there, but I will defend her earlier appearances.

And I'm still happy the pairing happened in the end.

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