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the pairings meme, day 21

Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why?

One is a My-HiME pairing and I've already done enough of those, so you get another, too.

Yes, I know. They barely interact. I don't care. You know why? Because Nao is a hot, angry loner with mommy issues and a chip on her shoulder, and Midori is a hot, outgoing mentor-type with an airheaded demeanor that irritates Nao in all the right ways. They are both interesting characters, and one of my disappointments in My-HiME is that they did not interact more. I wanted to see an all out fight between them. I wanted to see them hash out their issues together. I wanted Midori to function as a combative mentor figure to a resisting Nao. And I still think the potential for her to have done so is pretty awesome.

Yeah, yeah. Final Fantasy X-2 sucks. But in amidst the suck, buried in the new characters, are the scraps of potential for an interesting story. I always loved Nooj as a character, despite most of the rest of fandom disowning him because of his terrible name and ridiculous hair. Paine was something more of a disappointment, since she rarely was allowed to have much more characterization beyond "being badass and aloof," but when she did get more characterization, it was usually around the rest of the Crimson Squad. So why Paine and Nooj? Why not Paine and Baralai? That was what the rest of the brief fandom shipped (if they didn't ship yaoi or yuri). After all, Baralai was pretty! And oh-so-deep but mostly pretty!

Well, because they had something. Little flickers of ambiguity passed between them in dialogue and references to each other. I love ambiguity. To me, it spelled unresolved sexual tension, too. On top of that, they had plenty of baggage from the sins of the past. I was surprised when the game ended without giving us more closure in regards to their relationship--there were so many unanswered questions about its nature. To my playing of the game, there was a definite connection between the two of them, and it had enough of a romantic edge to reel me in.

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