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the pairings meme, day 22

Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?

First disclaimer: I never read past the first volume of the Ouran manga (although I know it's the endgame pairing in that) or watched past episode 20 or so of the anime. Second disclaimer: I don't actually hate this pairing. There are just aspects of it that make me very uncomfortable that most of the fandom seems to overlook or squee over.

The core of it is that I feel like treating Tamaki/Haruhi as a serious pairing, as the pairing of the series, validates all the (often sexist) cliches of shoujo that the series professed at first to be satirizing. When Tamaki declared himself to be the romantic hero and all the other guys the "homo side characters," it was funny at first, and then it was uncomfortable, because the text backed him up in that bullshit instead of following through and really turning it upside down. And that's just one example. Another issue is that when Tamaki goes into potential-boyfriend mode around Haruhi, he imposes all sorts of sexist expectations on her, rather than accepting her as the slightly genderqueer, androgynous person she is. But for me that's secondary to the main issue, which is that the series uses Tamaki/Haruhi as a vehicle to joke about sexist cliches in shoujo...then turns around and treats it as the serious pairing of the canon.

That said, I really like them as friends, and they do have chemistry. Haruhi is the one who sees through the illusions, and Tamaki is the one who makes the illusions real. They surprise and improve each other in interesting ways. I even don't mind it as a pairing sometimes. I just don't like it, from what I've seen and read, as the pairing of the series.

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