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the pairings meme, day 24

Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

This is Berserk. It is practically the definition of Worked Out Badly. Whenever something seems to be going well in Berserk, there is tentacle rape on the horizon. And so it was with Guts, Griffith, and Casca. It wasn't a matter of "A chose B instead of C, so C was heartbroken." No, it was more complicated than that, because in Berserk, relationships are always ridiculously complicated. So let's review. To start with, you have Griffith, leader of the Hawks and seeker of a great dream of ruling the land, and his right-hand woman Casca, who has been in love with him ever since he rescued her from being raped (of course) and taught her how to fight. Then joining them is Guts, with whom Griffith is fascinated and Casca is tsundere. Then they get all close and stuff, only for Guts to leave in order to find his own way so he can truly think of himself as Griffith's equal. Griffith, in an impulsive fit driven by jealous grief, ruins all his dreams and ends up imprisoned and tortured for a year (or two, I forget, it's been a while). If you left off there, it would have ended badly enough. But oh, no. That's not good enough for Kentarou Miura. He has to do more. So Guts comes back at last, only to find out what's happened to Griffith. He and Casca take solace in each other and end up hooking up. Hurray! A nice, healthy relationship for two characters who really deserve a nice, healthy relationship! Now they can rescue Griffith together! And they do, and all is well!

Oh, wait. All is not well. Because maimed, tortured Griffith is no condition to realize his dream anymore, and the last straw is the sight of the two people he depended on most with each other, potentially considering leaving him behind. So he snaps, gives up his humanity in order to become a powerful demon, sacrifices the entire Band of the Hawks to hell, and (of course) demonically rapes Casca while Guts watches, traumatizing her into a mute, child-like state and consuming Guts with a desire for vengeance.

Yeah, I think that counts as "working out badly." And that's just the flashback arc.

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Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

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