ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

this is very important.

Form teams! Divide yourselves! Establish bitter rivalries that will last forever!

Determine which game I play first on the Xbox 360.

Poll #1635542 The Burning Question

Which Xbox 360 game should I play first?

Final Fantasy XIII
Tales of Vesperia

I also have Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but those are less immediately exciting and can wait.

Oh yeah, and before you run off to gossip about what a lazy spoiled brat I am, this trip also saw me acquiring an application to work at the pet supplies store near the GameStop where I picked all this stuff up. Tomorrow or the next day, once I have my references in order, that and the Barnes & Noble application will get turned in. I am aware that this does not make up for my criminal spoiled-rottenness which taints me forever as a worthless waste of air, but it's a small step forward.
Tags: no one sane would ever employ me, rl, video games
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