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pairings, pairings, pairings.

In the spirit of this post by paperclipchains and my eternal desire to spam, I totted up the pairings which reduce me to a mad fangirl using a scientific method composed of the following questions:

♦ "How much fanwork have you produced for this pairing?"
♦ "Have you ever started or seriously considered writing an essay on ship_manifesto for this pairing?"
♦ "But how does this pairing make you feel, really?"

I came up with eighteen pairings...for now. Then I broke them down into delicious statistics.

By Canonicity
100% Canon: 4
Implied/Intended By (At Least Some) Creators On (At Least Some) Level: 3
One-Sided Canon: 6
Implied: 3
Stated: 3
Implied Reciprocation On The Other Side: 1
Deliberate Ambiguity On The Other Side: 5
Deliberately Ambiguous With Closed-Mouthed Creators: 2
Just Plain Not Canon, But From Sexually Charged Texts: 2

By Gender
Het: 11
Slash (M/M): 3
Slash (F/F): 4

By Origin
Video Games: 3
Television: 1
Anime: 8
Manga: 4
Books: 1
Comics: 1
Japanese Sources: 15

By The Hitting Of Kinks (Extra Subjective)
Ambiguity: 11
Some Kind Of Special Connection: 10
Associated With Their Past: 3
Magical/Spiritual: 1
Blatantly Symbolic: 2
Fervent Devotion: 9
One-Sided: 7
Intensity: 9
Unresolved Sexual Tension: 7

I would do "pairings I am somewhat invested in for fannish purposes," "pairings I enjoy well enough but am not particularly invested in," and "pairings I dabble in occasionally," but there are far too many and the boundaries among the categories are too fluid.

In other news: turned in my job application at PetValu. Managed to walk in and out of a GameStop without spending money, despite really wanting Lost Odyssey and Bayonetta. Reduced to nostalgic goo by Pokemon HeartGold. Have just started Digital Devil Saga; am vaguely pinged by Argilla. Will probably switch between that and Tales of Vesperia for a while, depending on my mood.
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