ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

of zombies and gender.

I. Can we ban fiction from using trite man vs. woman symbolism, or at least severely restrict its use? Come on, guys. It's meaningless by now. If you want a metaphor for dualism, there are so many better, less offensive ones: I vs. Thou (in The Left Hand of Darkness, one of the androgynous aliens specifically says that dualism will exist even in a genderless society so long as there are other people), the two halves of the brain, twins, opposite sides of coins. And if you actually want to make some deep comment on the nature of man and woman, there's even less point. Time to let you in on a great secret: men and women are really not that different. Sure, there may be some trends, and who knows how many are societal in origin and how many are biological (really, we don't know, despite what popular science will tell you), but ultimately, any type of personality you can find in a man, you can also find in a woman, and vice versa. Because we're all human.

II. The above rant was prompted by watching the first episode of the new zombie apocalypse miniseries, The Walking Dead on AMC. I was dubious at first, because it practically started with men ranting about how annoying and weird women are, but overall it's really well-made and an engaging take on the standard modern zombie mythos. There's nothing hugely original about it so far (although I haven't read the graphic novel it's based on, so there might be some twists later that change things), but it does the usual tropes well and adds the occasional neat little twist. It's appealingly gruesome and has some great visuals, too. I just wish it were better about female characters so far.

III. Speaking of wishing things were better about female characters...for some reason, I appear to have bought the first season of Supernatural. What? I don't know. I really only want to watch it for the female characters (ha) and for Castiel. Maybe for Dean and his self-destructiveness. But to get there, I have to get through the first three seasons beforehand. I'll do my best.

IV. I also appear to have bought Moeblob: The Game. I don't normally like strategy/tactical RPGs (hence my giving up on Disgaea), but I'm charmed enough by the ridiculous character designs and cute dialogue of this one to keep playing. Besides, one of the possible love interests is a dark witch with an "undead kitty thing" (actual quote from the manual) as a familiar.

V. Have applied at five places over the past two weeks: PetValu, Barnes & Noble, a trendy clothes store downtown, Dress Barn, and GameStop. I'm working on applying for some more. We'll see how things go.
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