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video games and surprising ot3s.

I had nothing better to do today except mail some stuff out and feed cats, so video games were played. And now it's time to talk about Tales of Vesperia, and specifically, my new OT3 that as far as I know nobody else in the world ships. I'm about to leave Heliord for Dahngrest and Keiv Moc, so spoilers up to there.

I went into this game expecting to ship Rita/Estelle, and I guess I do, a little bit. They have a sweetly awkward not-quite-sisters, not-quite-friends relationship where they grow together in adorable ways. But it lacks a certain romantic spark to make me fangirl like crazy over it. I have similar feelings about Yuri/Estelle: it's really sweet how he cares for her and how she quietly gathers insight into him, but I don't have a lot of interest in them hooking up, you know?

But. Put the three of them together, and something sparks. I don't know if it's an "I want them all to hook up and make out" spark yet, but I know for sure that it's an "I don't know what to make of their relationship, but I want to see more of it" spark. The three of them share an understanding that they don't pass on to Karol, even though he's also part of the impromptu family they've formed (and I love love love Yuri's big-brother bond with him). They have something of their own. Rita and Yuri take care of Estelle, and Estelle grounds them in hope and kindness. Rita and Estelle fumble around trying to figure out each other and themselves, and Yuri nudges them in the right direction.

They're interconnected in a way that pleases me greatly. It would also please me greatly if we could get a Rita at my new girls' love game, so that we could play out a Rita/Estelle/fem!Yuri threesome. I'm just saying.
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