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Dear Yuletide author...

Signing up for Yuletide this year is complicated. But I'm going to do it, because I love exchanges. I'm even going to do a "Dear Yuletide author" letter this year. And since you're encouraged to link it from the signup form, I'm doing it now.

So hi, Yuletide author, if you choose to come here! I think I've provided most of the details in my prompts, but here are some things you might like to know when writing for me.

Things You Should Know About Me
1. I normally prefer writing fanfiction to reading it. The things I've asked for here generally involve characters or relationships that I wanted more of in canon, but don't have specific ideas of just what that "more" is.
2. I haven't offered specific plot prompts because if I had them, I would probably be writing the fic myself.
3. I like "what if X had happened instead of Y" AUs, but usually not "what if the characters were in a completely different world" AUs.
4. I am fine with any rating up to PG-13/R-ish for the Okami and Watership Down requests and any rating at all for the Mai-HiME and Darker Than BLACK requests. I am not particularly expecting smut, but if you choose to write it, that's fine. Just please focus on the characters' personalities rather than the mechanics of the sex.
5. For the first three requests, I've asked for two specific characters interacting, and really that's all I want. In the case of the first two I feel like canon didn't give us enough of whatever relationship it was that they had, and in the case of the third I got plenty but want more anyway. Details are just here in case that sort of thing helps you (and because I like to ramble). It's the characters and their interactions that are important.

Request 1: Mai-HiME

I want to see more of Shizuru and Haruka's interactions. This can be shippy, or friendshippy. or rival-like, so long as I get both of them being themselves together and maintaining something like the dynamic they had in canon. I'd prefer it be set after the series, so they have to deal with all the new baggage between them, but if you have an idea for before or during the series, that's fine too! I also like Shizuru/Natsuki and Haruka/Yukino as more romantic ships, so if you want to include those that's fine too, but I'd prefer the focus be on Shizuru and Haruka. If you can't do both, character studies of or adventures with either one of them (with potential inclusion of Shizuru/Natsuki or Haruka/Yukino) would be fine too! If you decide to do just one, my preference would be for Haruka, since there's not enough fic featuring her in fandom.

Things You Should Know About Me, My-HiME, and This Potential Fic
1. Shizuru is my favorite character. Haruka is also one of my favorites.
2. I do not believe that Shizuru raped Natsuki, although she's hardly blameless, and she definitely has issues with Natsuki's boundaries.
3. I believe that Yukino having some degree of romantic feeling for Haruka is canon, although the reverse is more ambiguous. However, that doesn't need to come up in the fic if you prefer their relationship as platonic.
4. If you're stuck on settings for the fic: how about the two of them at college together, forging a new relationship now that Shizuru has been forced to acknowledge Haruka and her own flaws?

Request 2: Darker Than BLACK
November 11/Kirihara Misaki

There's so much potential in this relationship to me; it's my OTP of the series. So give me something of them interacting, something that keeps in mind all the ways it doesn't work as well as the ways that it does. I don't really care how you do it: fill in a gap in the series or go AU, either way. I'd love some shippiness of the flirting-and-UST variety, but it doesn't have to be the focus of the story. Bonus points if Misaki gets to do something badass. She doesn't get enough opportunity in the show itself.

Things You Should Know About Me, Darker Than BLACK, and This Potential Fic
1. I have not yet watched the second season. I will eventually, but I haven't yet.
2. November 11 is my favorite character.
3. But I do not read him as particularly interested in sex for its own sake.
4. I have written before on why I like the pairing, if you think that would be helpful.

Request 3: Okami

I'd like to read the story of how Amaterasu and Issun continued their epic bromance after the end of the game. Really, I'd like to read just about any story about the friendship they forged, as complicated or as simple as you can come up with. If you can incorporate the whimsical but touching feel of the game into fanfiction about our intrepid pair, I'd love that.

Things You Should Know About Me, Okami, and This Potential Fic
1. I'm not all that interested in the characters outside of Amaterasu and Issun; the appeal of the game for me was mainly in its beauty and the opportunity for exploration it offered.
2. I think that if Ammy really wanted to communicate using words, she'd find a way to do it. To me, the fact that she prefers to communicate by letting people interpret her gestures and actions is a part of her personality, not simply a limitation of her form. I believe that even if she were in a more human form, she'd be indirect and cryptic (and still playful).
3. Likewise, I don't think Issun "translates" for Ammy. I just think he's better at understanding the way she emotes than most people (and even he sometimes screws up).
4. I don't really ship romantically for this game. The only relationship I care about is the friendship Ammy and Issun have. So include whatever other pairings you like in the background, if you want; I don't have preferences.

Request 4: Watership Down

Fiver's inner world is left mostly unexplored in the book, a mystery to the other rabbits and the narrative voice, even though it's crucial to the story. That works out pretty well for the book itself, but it's just begging for fanfiction. What are his experiences with his visions like? What kind of inner journeys does he go on? I want to see it from his point of view, or maybe Vilthuril's.

Things You Should Know About Me, Watership Down, and This Potential Fic
1. Watership Down is my favorite book ever. It isn't necessarily the book I'd choose to be my favorite book ever, but it is what it is.
2. The book is basically perfect as it is to me. I have read it over and over and never tired of it.
3. The passage that got me wondering and eventually inspired this request is from near the end of the book and is as follows:
Since the night of the siege, Fiver had spent much time alone and even in the Honeycomb, or at morning and evening silflay, was often silent and preoccupied. No one resented this--"He looks right through you in such a nice, friendly way," as Bluebell put it--for each in his own manner recognized that Fiver was now more than ever governed, whether he would or no, by the pulse of that mysterious world of which he had once spoken to Hazel during the late June days they had spent together at the foot of the down. It was Bigwig who said--one evening when Fiver was absent from the Honeycomb at story time--that Fiver was one who had paid more dearly than even himself for the night's victory over the Efrafans. Yet to his doe, Vilthuril, Fiver was devotedly attached, while she had come to understand him almost as deeply as ever Hazel had.

4. In the case of the other requests, I've asked for someone else to write the fic because I don't have a specific idea for it myself. In the case of this request, I've asked because I'd feel strange writing fanfiction for this book and would rather read it.
5. If this is the request you're doing, don't be scared off by the details of my devotion to the book! Hey, I love the movie, too, and that's not exactly a perfect rendering. Anything that comes from someone else who likes Watership Down will be welcome.

And that's about it. Whether or not all the details helped, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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