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You wake up in a garden, on a soft bed of flowers, surrounded by roses and lilies. It might seem like a pleasantly-scented dream at first. But after a while, twigs begin to poke you somewhere awkward, or an animal snuffles at your hand, or a bee lands on your nose, and you realize: you aren't dreaming. This is real...

Welcome to queenofheartsrp, a panfandom roleplaying game dedicated to girls' love, worldbuilding, and action. Think a veneer of old Disney princess movies laid over Myst, swirled together with Salvador Dali, musical theater, and just a dash of B-movie action. There are also love songs playing in the background and mythology texts on the shelves. Alternately, you can think of us as lesbian Rune Factory on acid.

Reserves for canonically female characters are now open, applications for the same will open on November 28th, and the game itself will open for play on December 5th. Reserves and applications for genderswapped male characters will open sometime in January.
premise; rules; FAQ; setting; applications; reserves; code
Tags: queen of hearts, roleplay

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