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» State of the RP «

» capeandcowl «

General: I've always enjoyed this game despite the wank that surrounds it, but I'm having trouble staying active in it. I really hope I don't have to drop, but for now I'm hiatused until I can balance it better with queenofheartsrp.

Toward the Terra

I can play Keith fine in logs, but I have trouble coming up with posts for him, and I'm just plain lazy in the logs themselves most of the time. The plot I have planned should reenergize my muse for him, but who knows when I'll have the energy to carry that out? I'm going to try to keep him, though. I really want to get to the point where I can canon-update him and have him be awkward and repentant and stuff.

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Planned: November 11 (Darker Than BLACK, reapplication, if I drop him at mayfield_rpg)

» damned «

General: I can never tell how I'll deal with this game. It's just...weird. It should be easy, but somehow it's not. And then there's the fact that it's pretty insensitive to play in a mental institution game to begin with, and I don't know if I should be doing it. I like a lot of the people there, though, and there are good points to it. I just have to decide whether I have the time to keep up with it.

The Hunger Games trilogy

Peeta isn't easy to play, but he is interesting, especially in an environment like Landel's. So long as spellcoats keeps Katniss, I'll try to keep Peeta. Playing him without her for any length of time would be impossible; he'd become too mired in delusion to even have a stable character. I need to catch up on his tags, though. Looking forward to CR with Edward and Natalia.

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Planned: Sheryl (Macross Frontier, possible)

» mayfield_rpg «

General: I like this place a lot! The mods are friendly, the events are interesting, the setting has potential. I have just been neglecting it in favor of queenofheartsrp lately and I need to stop doing that.


Okay, so, Ammy was kind of a surprise application for me, and she isn't always easy to play, but she can be a lot of fun when I do get in the right mood, and Mayfield is really the right place for her. I haven't been good about maintaining her CR, though, so I need to fix that. I want to do cute things with her for the holidays.

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I love Shizuru. I've just had trouble actually getting into playing her in the past. But Mayfield works perfectly. I just have to rely a bit on speculation and headcanon to determine how she acts when she's gone a little bit psycho but not all the way, and I hope I'm not venturing into OOC territory in the meanwhile. I really need to get some resolution to her issues with the Otome cast, but hopefully I can pick up some HiME castmates for her soon and start balancing that.

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Darker Than BLACK

I had some fun ideas for him when I applied, but mostly it was a spur of the moment thing's not working out very well at all. I have totally failed at keeping up with him, and I just...feel like I'd rather bring him back to capeandcowl. I don't know why he isn't working here for me--it should be a decent enough setting for him--but he isn't really. So...he's probably going.

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Planned: Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere, if I drop November)

» queenofheartsrp «

General: This is completely eating up my time and energy right now, but considering it's been open for just under a week, I guess that's probably to be expected. It's also stressing me out more than a game should, so if I don't get used to it, I'm going to have to suck it up and give up some creative control so that I'm not the one making all the tough decisions.

The Hunger Games trilogy

Katniss is hard to play. I can do it, but can I keep doing it? What kind of CR is she going to establish here? I initially picked her up in part to provide some balance between animu and Western-media characters and in part because her reaction to the setting would be interesting, but I'm not sure how well that will work out long-term. I might keep her, or I might drop her in order to focus on others here. We'll see.

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I need to finish rereading/catching up on Claymore so I have all the necessary setting/flavor information and such, but other than that, I'm getting along pretty well with Teresa. It's hard to pin down a voice for her, but I'm working on it, and I may write some fic to establish headcanon and the like. She has the potential shaping up for interesting CR with Fate and Death, I think. I hope the Clare reserver goes through with her application, because I would really like to play Teresa against an adult Clare and see what happens.

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Planned: Estelle (Tales of Vesperia, definite); Astrid (original character, possible)

No more games. No more games.
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