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the year in review, fanfiction edition #2.

Fandoms written: Tales of the Abyss, Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann, Princess Tutu, Toward the Terra, G Gundam, My-HiME, Fruits Basket, The Hunger Games, Macross Frontier, Evangelion, The Wire, Odin Sphere, Robot Unicorn Attack, Tales of Vesperia, Claymore.

"Consort." Odin Sphere, Mercedes/Ingway. 506 words.
"Third Time." Tales of the Abyss, Luke/Tear. 500 words.
"Proportions." Tales of the Abyss, Legretta/Tear, semi-explicit. 383 words.
"How Blood Flows." Odin Sphere, Gwendolyn/Oswald, semi-explicit. 801 words.
"Starlight Waltz." Princess Tutu, Fakir/Ahiru. 390 words.
"Reach." G Gundam, Rain/Allenby. 345 words.
"What He Fights For." G Gundam, Domon/Rain. 217 words.
"Hand and Fist." G Gundam, Domon/Rain. 210 words.
"Rewards." Gundam 00, Kati/Patrick, explicit. 1,386 words.

"In All Colors." Gurren Lagann, Nia and the Anti-Spiral Messenger. 606 words.
"The Moon Is Made of Honey." Gurren Lagann, Simon/Nia, explicit. 5,478 words.

"Mirror Image." Gundam 00, Neil and Lyle. 1,337 words.
"Teacher." Gurren Lagann, Yoko and Nia. 1,002 words.
"Different Worlds." My-HiME, Shizuru/Natsuki. 1,234 words.
"Family." Gundam 00, Nena/Setsuna. 391 words.
"Pizza." Gundam 00, Trinity siblings. 243 words.
"Stress Relief." Gundam 00, Tieria and the second-season Ptolemaios crew. 397 words.
"A New Sky." Macross Frontier, Sheryl/Ranka(/Alto). 1,134 words.
"All the Lights in the Sky." Gurren Lagann, Simon/Nia, explicit. 801 words.
"Sweat It Out." Gurren Lagann, Kamina and Simon. 1,117 words.
"In the Machine." Gundam 00, Feldt/Tieria(/Lockon), semi-explicit. 13,629 words.
"Travel Light." Gurren Lagann, Simon/Nia. 775 words.
Finished "The Subtle Grace of Gravity." Gundam 00, Lockon/Tieria. 49,279 words.
"Machine Madonna." Gundam 00, Soma/Marie/GN-Archer. 602 words.
"Chains." G Gundam, Natasha/Argo. 458 words.
"Another Kind of Mastery." G Gundam, Domon and Fuun Saiki. 358 words.
"Common Decisions." G Gundam, Domon/Rain/Allenby. 448 words.
"Within and Without." Gundam 00, Setsuna/Marina, explicit. 1,683 words.
"Halfway There." Gundam 00, second-season Ptolemaios crew. 2,050 words.
"Acts of Kindness." Gundam 00, Soma/Louise. 793 words.

"The Best Map Is the Land Itself." Gundam 00, Lockon/Tieria, explicit. 16,623 words.
"Desired." Gundam 00, Allelujah/Marie. 2,227 words.
"Self-Immolate." Toward the Terra, Keith. 1,247 words.
"Ten Times Keith Anyan Could Have Smiled (And One Time He Did)." Toward the Terra, Keith. 2,068 words.
"The Distance Between Temperance and the Lovers." Toward the Terra, Leo/Jomy. 1,918 words.

"Page of Hearts." Toward the Terra, Matsuka. 1,330 words.

"There Are No Hollow Places." Gundam 00, Soma/Marie. 270 words.
"Promised Place." Tales of the Abyss, Jade and Tear. 930 words.
"Ask the Stars." Toward the Terra, Physis(/Blue). 325 words.
"Thoughts at Gunpoint." Toward the Terra, Keith/Matsuka. 927 words.
"Memory and Taste." Toward the Terra, Matsuka. 530 words.
"Aid and Comfort." Toward the Terra, Keith/Shiroe. 975 words.
"Ergo Sum." Final Fantasy VIII, Squall/Rinoa. 731 words.
"Makes Perfect." Gurren Lagann, Nia. 593 words.
"How You Learn About Desire." My-HiME, Haruka/Yukino. 427 words.
"Less White." Fruits Basket, Yuki/Machi. 307 words..
"Constellations." Gundam 00, Lyle/Anew. 1,000 words.
"Without Touch, Without Chains." Toward the Terra, Keith/Matsuka. 1,000 words.
"Chapter Three." The Wire, Omar. 368 words.
"Spider." Fruits Basket, Akito/Shigure. 312 words.
"A Monstrous Wish." Evangelion, Asuka. 606 words.
"Clouded." Toward the Terra, Blue. 238 words.
"Something New." Gurren Lagann, Simon and Yoko. 400 words.
"Breaking Up Girl." Gundam 00, Nena. 335 words.
"Fire." My-HiME, Shizuru. 335 words.
"Stars." Macross Frontier, Sheryl and Ranka. 330 words.
"Upward." Macross Frontier, Alto(/Sheryl/Ranka). 280 words.
"Down in Uniform." Toward the Terra, Keith/Matsuka, explicit. Dubious consent. 1,811 words.
"Pathways." Gundam 00, Tieria. 260 words.
"Souls Met." Gundam 00, Setsuna/Marina. 1,010 words..
"Judgment." Toward the Terra, Physis and Tony. 371 words.
"In the Space Between Heartbeats." Gundam 00, Neil and Anew. 686 words.
"Welcome." Toward the Terra, Jomy and the children of Nazca. 502 words.
"Discovery." Evangelion, Rei. 411 words.
"An Encounter (The Reason For)." Toward the Terra, Keith and Jomy. 466 words.
"Sempai Kohai." Toward the Terra, Keith and Shiroe. 479 words.
"How to Embrace a Swamp Creature." Toward the Terra, Keith/Matsuka. 329 words.
"Endings." Toward the Terra, Keith/Suena, semi-explicit. 500 words.
"With Crooked Wings." Macross Frontier, Alto/Sheryl/Ranka. 600 words.
"Tears Shed by a True Princess." Princess Tutu, Mytho/Rue, semi-explicit. 1,160 words.
"The Fog Clears." My-HiME, Shizuru/Natsuki, explicit. 2,000 words.
"The Dream of Wonder." Gurren Lagann, Simon/Nia. 679 words.
"Alternatives to Paradise." Toward the Terra, Keith. 3,050 words.

"Slow Motion Car Crash." Toward the Terra, Tony and Jomy. 559 words.
"A Matter of Perspective." Toward the Terra, Physis/Suena, semi-explicit. 1,434 words.
"Night of the Raging Gundam." G Gundam, Domon/Rain. 1,723 words.
"Days' End." Toward the Terra, Jomy(/Blue). 987 words.


"Speed of Life." Gundam 00, Sergei/Holly. 1,342 words.
"Beatify." Gundam 00, Sumeragi and Marie. 1,035 words.
"The Worth of Your Name." Gundam 00, Graham and Billy. 1,546 words.
"Droplets." Gundam 00, Tieria/Sumeragi. 2,746 words.
"Mother and Daughter." Gundam 00, Louise/Saji and Setsuna. 2,552 words.
"Open Windows." The Hunger Games, Katniss/Peeta. 2,281 words.
"Semi-Precious." The Hunger Games, Peeta. Torture. 1,165 words.
"Inheritance." The Hunger Games, epilogue children. 2,155 words.
"On the Problems With Survival." The Hunger Games, Haymitch. 642 words.
"The Waves Do It for You." The Hunger Games, Finnick/Annie/Johanna. 673 words.
"Scar Tissue." The Hunger Games, Johanna/Gale. 395 words.
"The Punishment." The Hunger Games, Johanna/Gale, semi-explicit. 267 words.
"On Waking." The Hunger Games, Katniss/Peeta. 280 words.
"Messenger." The Hunger Games, Katniss/Peeta and others. 6,084 words.
"Sharing Bread." The Hunger Games, Peeta and Prim. 985 words.
"Foxglove." The Hunger Games, Cinna. 4,001 words.
"Healing." The Hunger Games, Peeta. 1,091 words.
"Victory." The Hunger Games, Enobaria. 925 words.
"Echoes, Like Ripples." The Hunger Games, Finnick/Annie. 1,050 words.
"Flashbacks." The Hunger Games, Katniss and Gale. 1,040 words.

"Fables from the Heart." Odin Sphere, Gwendolyn/Oswald. 1,214 words.


"Thorns." Tales of Vesperia, Judith/Raven, explicit. 4,675 words.
"Always." Robot Unicorn Attack. 1,339 words.
"Four Breaths." Claymore, Ophelia. 1,012 words.
"And Straight On Till Morning." Toward the Terra, Keith/Shiroe. 923 words.
"The Acoustics of Atria and Ventricles." Evangelion, Kaworu/Shinji. 650 words.

Leitmotif of the year: Gratuitous porn? No, probably not. Trying new things, I guess--new formats, new genres, new fandoms, new challenges, new media.

Overall Thoughts: My fanfiction activity comes and goes in cycles. I'm glad I tried new things this past year, and I hope I can regain the feeling that led to that sometime this year. Also, I'm still vaguely impressed by June.

My best story of this year: This is a hard one. There are a few candidates. "The Moon Is Made of Honey" is notable for doing, I think, a good job of summing up the themes of Gurren Lagann and fleshing out Nia's character arc in ways that canon glosses over. "Foxglove" is popular and fits very neatly into the Hunger Games universe. I think, though, that I'm going to go with "Alternatives to Paradise," my Keith coda.

My favorite story of this year: That would be "The Best Map Is the Land Itself." It was a kink meme fill that finally gave me the opportunity to voice my favorite crack theories about the Gundam 00 universe while writing Lockon/female-bodied!Tieria porn in the process. I'm still pleased with how well I aligned it with the themes of the canon despite the gratuitous porn.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: "Night of the Raging Gundam." It's G Gundam fanfiction, so of course it's going to get ignored in this era of newer, sparklier Gundams. But I feel that it deserves more appreciation for being incredibly over-the-top, cheesy, and ridiculous--that is to say, perfectly in keeping with the themes and atmosphere of the series itself.

Most fun story to write: Probably "The Subtle Grace of Gravity," overall, because...well, I wrote it just because it was this ridiculously self-indulgent Lockon/Tieria thing in my head.

Story with the single sexiest moment: I'm going to be contrary here and say "Within and Without," even though I normally have trouble sexualizing the pairing that it's about. I like the imagery of Setsuna under Marina's skirts far too much.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Pick a Keith/Matsuka story, any Keith/Matsuka story. The pairing in general is "holy crap, that's wrong, even for me."

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I guess I could say "A Matter of Perspective," simply because I hadn't given a lot of thought to Physis before. That, and I'd thought about Suena, but not about how she fit into the rest of the setting and its relationships.

Hardest story to write: Possibly "The Worth of Your Name," simply because I was already way on the outs with Gundam 00 fandom at the time, and even before then, I'd never written Billy and Graham.

Biggest Disappointment: I guess that I didn't get more of my ideas for the Hunger Games fandom written before I lost my grasp on the canon. I had a lot of them, but they sort of slipped away.

Biggest Surprise: Once again with the Princess Tutu. In this case, it's that I wrote porn for this series. Except it's not really porn, it's just a very delicately-phrased fairy-tale Mytho/Rue sex scene. Shut up.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Uh, probably "The Fog Clears," just because I can't exactly write full-out lesbian porn without putting something of myself into it. Awkward.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Not including stuff I've already started? Raven and Judith playing with each other's hair, I guess. Maybe something about Snake and Clover and how they grew together over the years between the first and second Nonary Games.
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