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All shipping within North America is $3, unless otherwise noted or unless you're buying a lot, in which case we'll work it out in comments. If you're purchasing from outside North America, let me know in comments and I'll work out how much the shipping will come to. Where possible, all items will be sent by United States Postal Service packed in a bubblewrap mailer, with additional plastic bags or, where indicated, original boxes and/or wrapping for disassembled figures.

Payment should be made by PayPal. I will ship within two business days of receiving payment unless extenuating circumstances intervene.

All items come from a smoke-free home, but have been exposed to dust and cats. Always cats.

Feedback can be found and given here!


Illustration file (artbook): $20
Corkus figure: $3
Guts figure: $6


By You Club. Gen/gag, minor Guts/Griffith. 32 pages. Some damage to the corner of the back cover and last few pages, but readable. Price: $3.

By Hagurekensi-J. Gen, minor Guts/Griffith. 32 pages. Price: $6.


Urahara hat: $2
Soi Fong gashapon: $4

Chizuru/Orihime doujinshi "Orihime-chan de go" by U.R.C. 28 pages. Futanari. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $6


Final Fantasy XII Penelo Trading Arts Mini Figure: $5
Final Fantasy VIII gag doujin "Fancy Name" by Natsugakuhoh. 18 pages. Price: $5
Phoenix Down charm (not official merchandise): $1


All figures will be thoroughly washed and dusted before being sent.

Chibi Lust gashapon: $3
Chibi Gluttony gashapon: $3
Both figures together: $5
Lust Trading Arts figure: $8
Edward Trading Arts figure: $10


Prop Petit Plus Setsuna (Season 2): $6
Season 1 manga volume 1: $4


Setsuna/Tieria doujinshi "Beautiful Boys" by Marimoya. 70 pages. Hard yaoi and serious story. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $14.

Sergei(/Holly) and Andrei doujinshi "If I could meet you again" by Momoe. 38 pages. Price: $6.

Trinity/general gag doujinshi by Raimeibochi. 16 pages. Price: $3.

Lockon/Tieria doujinshi by Nikukyu-mania. 20 pages. Soft yaoi. Price: $6.


Kira Petit Figure: $3
Fllay Chara Puchi figure: $3
Cagalli/Lacus/Kira/Fllay Chara Fortune bromide: $2


Gundam SEED Destiny gag doujinshi "Wurttemberg" by Chiho & Job. 18 pages. Price: $4


Sheryl gashapon: $4
1/100 Battroid Valkyrie Millia type model kit: $10. Fifteenth anniversary edition. Comes with Hikaru figure. All unpainted. Shipping will be $5.


General merchandise

Sakura figure: $6
Shikamaru clip-on strap figure: $4
Kakashi stamp: $3
Sasuke stamp: $3
Rock Lee T-shirt: $8. Size is medium.


Anime Profiles #1 (Episodes 1-37): $4
Manga volumes 1-4: $3 each, $10 for the set. Shipping will be $4 for the set.


Kakashi/Sasuke doujinshi "Faceless vol.2" by 25ans. 66 pages. Soft yaoi. Price: $9

Sasuke/Sakura doujinshi "Very Very Pretty Good Face Love Boy" by 73feti. 32 pages. Hentai. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $6
Orochimaru/Anko doujinshi by Sanadura. 25 pages. Click here for images. Hentai. I will not sell this to anyone whose age is listed as under 18 on their profile. Price: $3


Tri-Colle Rin trading figure: $4
September 2009 Newtype insert extra booklet: $1 or free with other purchase. Includes information on recent projects such as Kara no Kyoukai and the Unlimited Blade Works movie. Japanese text. SOLD

Gag doujinshi "Honey Suckle" by WNB. 26 pages. Price: $6 SOLD



Kannazuki no Miko (complete series on three DVDs plus liner notes): $25. Comes with miniature shitaijiki. SOLD
Najica Blitz Tactics, first and second volumes on DVD: $4 each or $7 for both SOLD
Galerians: Rion: $4 SOLD


Patlabor volume one, six issues: $5
Patlabor volume two, six issues: $5

Black Cat volume 1: $3
Cowboy Bebop volume 1: $3
Fairy Tail, first two volumes: $4 each or $7 for both
Uzumaki, volumes 2 and 3: $4 each or $7 for both

Other goods

Heero/Relena + Duo bromide from Gundam Wing: $2

Deneve bust from Claymore (rare silver version): $5
Chibi Yuuko figure from xXxHolic: $6 SOLD
D.Gray-man stickers: $2
Lagann figure from Gurren Lagann: $6
Luminous Arc 2 Soundtrack CD: $4
Power Rangers Episode 1 DVD: $1 or free with any other purchase
Dunbine 2001 calendar card: Free with any other purchase

Video games

Valkyrie Profile, Japanese import (PSX): $20
Drakengard (PS2): $4. Missing the manual.
Drakengard 2 (PS2): $6. Includes the manual.


Practice tessen: $5

Short black wig: $10

Medium curly black wig: $20

May 2010 Young Ace magazine (800+ pages): $3. Includes a special anniversary cover for the Evangelion manga and other recent Evangelion information. Does not include other extras. Japanese text. Shipping will be $4.

Maneki Neko keychain clock: $1 or free with another purchase
Daruma (?) keychain clock: $4
Both of the above have dead batteries; as far as I can tell the Daruma keychain can be unscrewed to replace them but the other one cannot be. The Maneki Neko also has some small paint chips on the head.


If you're really looking for anything in the above photo, I might be willing to part with it for the right price.
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