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So I think that, in honor of having an anime blog which I should really get back to posting on now that some of my personal troubles have lessened, I will make a valiant attempt to keep up with some anime series as they air starting this fall. Let's go over the series in question.

This is by noitaminA and has an interesting name, but they haven't released a whole lot of information about it. I'll keep my eye on it for when they do.

Prettily animated bishounen in cool uniforms fighting stylishly. The promise of yet another anime take on a modern-world fantasy setting, but with nice animation, lures me in. I'm somewhat nonplussed by the first (of few) female character listed on the character page being a provocatively-posed, scantily-clad catgirl, but I might as well see what the first few episodes are like. It's from one of the people involved in Fafner, which I've heard good things about despite the Hisashi Hirai character designs. And K doesn't have that handicap, so that's one thing in its favor already. [Official site]

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)
This is listed as sci-fi, horror, and mystery. Its art style is attractively shoujo, and the trailer paints it as quite bloody and suspenseful. It's also set in post-apocalyptic Japan; the plot looks like it focuses on five kids from this setting learning the secrets of their world and then being tasked with saving and reforming it. I can ask for nothing more in my anime (except maybe lesbians). Adapted from a novel. [Official site] [AnimeNewsNetwork page]

Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster
An adaptation of a fantasy mystery manga with an apocalyptic plot. Produced by Bones. The style is attractive enough, though the fact that the manga is still on-going is a warning sign for later chaos in the anime. Apparently it has a lot of Shakespearean elements--there's a big strand of Tempest references that includes a major (female) antagonist modeled after Prospero. [Official site] [AnimeNewsNetwork page]

Fantasista Doll
"Bishoujo sci-fi anime." Developed by Goro Taniguchi, director of Code Geass (but also creative producer of Mai-HiME), with various other flashy names chipping in; it looks like a colorful merchandise vehicle, another calculated attempt, like Guilty Crown (which was by most accounts a waste of time), to catch fanboy lightning with slick art and a formulaic plot. But the character designs look fun and the story sounds like it could have some enjoyable mindless action and cute moments that make me smile. I don't expect it to tell a deep and coherent story, but it's pretty. I'll give it a shot and see if the first few episodes can hold my interest. [Official site]
NOTE: The image on the site has "2012" on it, but this doesn't appear to be in any of the fall lineups I can find. So I think it might actually be for the winter! I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

And, of course, there's that "original Gen Urobuchi anime" that no one knows anything about yet.

I wouldn't be surprised if I drop Fantasista Doll and K after the first few episodes. Of the rest, Shin Sekai Yori looks like the most worth getting excited about. And I am. Excited about it, that is. The others may turn out to be nothing much, but that one I find myself with high hopes for. That and the new Urobuchi anime, but it's hard to get very excited about something when you barely know anything about it.

Additional things that might be worthwhile but which are associated with previous shows that I'm not up to doing the legwork of getting into: Second season of Jormungand, which I've heard some good things about, but I haven't gotten around to watching. Robotics;Notes, another thing in the Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head milieu.
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