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yet another sales post: figures and so on

The deal: I have a number of figures and other anime-related merchandise to get out of my house. I'm selling them here. All items come from a smoke-free home but have been exposed to dust and cats.

Shipping: $3 within the United States and $6 to somewhere outside it, unless you're ordering a large number of things, in which case we can work it out.

How to play: Leave a comment here specifying what you want and whether it'll be shipped to somewhere in the United States or outside of it, along with an email address I can send the Paypal invoice to.

Feedback: Here.

Corkus trading figure from Berserk: $3
Guts trading figure from Berserk: $5
Soi Fong figure from Bleach: $3
Prop Petit Plus Setsuna (Season 2) figure from Gundam 00: $5
Kira Petit Figure from Gundam SEED: $3
Fllay Chara Puchi figure from Gundam SEED: $3
Sheryl Nome figure from Macross Frontier: $4
Madoka Kaname Half-Age Characters trading figure from Madoka Magica: $9
Ivan Karelin (Origami Cyclone) Half-Age Characters trading figure from Tiger & Bunny: $8
Ivan Karelin (Origami Cyclone) Half-Age Characters trading figure (secret version) from Tiger & Bunny: $10 SOLD
Penelo Trading Arts Mini Figure from Final Fantasy XII : $5
Lena Sayers trading figure from Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~: $5
Tri-Colle Rin trading figure from Fate/stay night: $3
Lust Trading Arts figure from Fullmetal Alchemist: $8
Edward Trading Arts figure from Fullmetal Alchemist: $8
Hughes trading figure from Fullmetal Alchemist: $8

Charms, keychains, and similar goods
Shikamaru strap from Naruto: $4
Kakashi stamp from Naruto: $3
Wedding version Sheryl Nome charm from Macross Frontier: $4
Gradriel keychain from Princess Crown: $3
Arlia keychain from Princess Crown: $3
Proserpina keychain from Princess Crown: $3
The Princess Crown keychains can be purchased as a set for $8.

Other anime-related goods
Rock Lee T-shirt from Naruto: $8. Size is medium.
Cagalli/Lacus/Kira/Fllay Chara Fortune bromide from Gundam SEED: $2
Heero/Relena + Duo bromide from Gundam Wing: $2 SOLD
Urahara hat from Bleach: $2
1/100 Battroid Valkyrie Millia type model kit from SDF Macross: $10. Fifteenth anniversary edition. Comes with Hikaru figure. All unpainted. Shipping will be $5.
Sticker sheets from D.Gray-man: $2 each
Gemini Sunrise poster from Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Sakura Taisen V): $3. Comes pre-folded.
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