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one last sales post: doujinshi

The deal: I have too many doujinshi, so I'm selling some of them here. All books come from a smoke-free home but have been exposed to dust and cats.

Shipping: $3 within the United States and $6 to somewhere outside it, unless you're ordering a large number of things, in which case we can work it out.

How to play: Leave a comment here specifying what you want and whether it'll be shipped to somewhere in the United States or outside of it, along with an email address I can send the Paypal invoice to. Note that I will not sell doujinshi marked as NC-17 to someone whose age is listed as under eighteen in their profile.

Feedback: Here.


By You Club. Guts/Griffith and the Band of the Hawks. 32 pages. PG-13. $6.

By Hagurekensi-J. Guts/Griffith. 34 pages. PG-13. $6.


"Orihime-chan de GO," by U.R.C. Chizuru/Orihime. 29 pages. NC-17. $5.

"Shinobi," by Caym. Yoruichi/Soi Fong. 32 pages. NC-17. $4.

Darker Than BLACK

"Colorful," by Hogewan C.O. Ensemble-based gag doujinshi. 40 pages. PG. $8.

Fantastic Children

By Hedgehog Club. 22 pages. PG. $4. ON HOLD

Fate/ (series)


Final Fantasy

By Alias-Nanigaya. Final Fantasy VIII ensemble. 66 pages. PG. $8.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

"Oitekebori," by 2 squeeze. Lockon/Tieria. 22 pages. PG. $5.

"Boku wa Sore wo Saiwai to Yobu" 「僕はそれを幸いと呼ぶ」, by Shounen Bigaku 「少年美学」. Lockon/Tieria. 32 pages. PG. $6.

"Tierinya mo issho ni iki tai desu" 「ティエリにゃも一緒に行きたいです。」, by Nikukyu Mania 「にくきゅ→マニア」. Lockon/Tieria. 20 pages. G. $4.

"Beautiful Boys," by Marimoya 「まりもや」. Setsuna/Tieria. 70 pages. NC-17. $12.

"Quand ma main ne vous atteint pas 1" 「もしもこの手が君に届かない時は 1」, by Komae Salon 「狛江サロン」. Lockon/Setsuna. 51 pages. PG. $8.

"If I could meet you again; at the time." 「また逢えたなら、その時は」, by Momoe 「だっ!」. Andrei and Sergei/Holly. 42 pages. PG. $6.

"Relativity," by Tatibanadou. Allelujah/Marie. 18 pages. PG. $4.

"Gorogoro," by Teriyaki Nikuman 「てりやきにくまん」. Season 2 ensemble-based gag doujinshi. 20 pages. PG-13. $5.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

"Wurttemberg," by Chiho & Job. Ensemble. 20 pages. PG. $4.

By OMEGA 2-D. Ensemble-based gag doujinshi. 38 pages. PG-13. $5.

"Nageruru Boshi" 「流ルル星」, by OYJ 「おやじ」. Athrun/Cagalli and Kira. 114 pages. PG. $10.


"Faceless vol.2," by 25ans. Kakashi/Sasuke. 66 pages. PG-13. $8.

"Very Very Pretty Good Face Love Boy" 「ベリベリプリティグットフェイスラブボウイ」, by 73feti 「73フェチ」. Sasuke/Sakura. 32 pages. NC-17. $5.

"Mitarashi," by Sanazura Doujinshi Hakkoujo. Orochimaru/Anko. 30 pages. NC-17. $3.


"Shippo no kiseki," by GSL. Waka/Amaterasu. 44 pages. Mostly novel. $3.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

"Brave☆Test," by Singerly 「-シンガリ-」. Ensemble. 30 pages. G. $5.

Tales of... (series)

"Vanilla," by 1212. Tales of the Abyss. Asch/Natalia. 20 pages. G. $5.

"Will," by Yuke Yuke Ryuuseigou 「ゆけゆけ★流星号」. Tales of Vesperia. Yuri and Flynn. 24 pages. G. $6.

"Fly High," by Tenku no tokiryu. Tales of Vesperia. Ensemble. 24 pages. PG. $5.

"When You Wish Upon a Star," by akiboshi**. Tales of Vesperia. Yuri/Estelle. 22 pages. PG. $6.

Tiger & Bunny

By Gyarandoh 「逆乱堂」. Kotetsu/Barnaby. 12 pages. PG-13. $4.

Toward the Terra

"Neko Matsuka & Neko Shiroe 2," by Kirloy. Shiroe, Matsuka, and Keith. 30 pages. G. $4.

By Lyric Noise & Romeo. Keith/Shiroe. 82 pages (novel). $3.
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