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Fanfiction roundup: 2015

I didn't write as much fanfiction as I'd have liked this past year, but I'll give an account of what I did write.

Fandoms: Dragon Age, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics, Fate/stay night, Undertale, Fate/EXTRA.

January 10: "Camaraderie." Dragon Age II; Bethany/Fenris. 667 words; G.
In the aftermath of a shared mission, Bethany and Fenris share a different kind of moment as well.
⇒ This was prompted, I believe, so I tossed out something cute quickly for it. I enjoy this pairing more and more as time goes on.

March 5: "Heavensent." Marvel Cinematic Universe; Sam/Steve. 1,486 words; PG.
Sam oversteps himself just a little and finds something he wasn't meant to see just yet. But it gets a smile out of Steve, and that's what matters.
⇒ I was already into Marvel Comics for Bucky at this point, but I watched The Winter Soldier specifically so I could write Sam/Steve fanfiction, because I thought Anthony Mackie was super cute. I'd still like to write some porn for them someday, but for now, this fluff is my MCU legacy. It was quite popular.

March 17: "They Did Live by Watchfires." Marvel Comics; Bucky/Natasha. 20,035 words; R.
When Bucky Barnes starts having visions of disaster befalling the Earth, he returns home to warn the Avengers, only to find that he's too late. The world has become a desolate mess, and somehow, in all of this, the only other survivor he can find is Natasha Romanoff. The two of them journey across the ruins of New York City—now plagued by hungry dinosaurs and marauding robots—to reach Stark Tower and learn more about what has happened to the world so that they can fix it. That should be easy enough for people like them, but emotions—and Natasha's own treacherous memories—might get in the way... A story of dinosaur battles and post-apocalyptic companionship containing minor poetry and major robots. Mostly compliant to comics canon. Takes place sometime after Black Widow #8.
⇒ This was written for Bucky/Natasha Week on Tumblr, as part of a "mini-bang" or fic/art exchange. Obviously, I didn't lean too hard on the "mini" part. I'm not entirely satisfied with this fanfiction, but it's a worthy outpouring of effort anyway.

March 19: "When the World Isn't on Fire Anymore." Marvel Comics; Bucky/Natasha. 426 words; G.
Before a fight at Natasha's side, Bucky thinks on the past with her.
⇒ Bucky/Natasha fic that I was prompted to write on Tumblr. A brief vignette.

March 19: "The Evening News." Marvel Comics; Bucky/Natasha. 717 words; G.
They'd miss dinner if they didn't stop here, and that's all there is to it. It's nothing special, and that's why it's special.
⇒ Bucky/Natasha fic that I was prompted to write on Tumblr. A cute bit of fluff.

March 20: "the day's as small as the window." Marvel Comics; Bucky/Natasha. 1,091 words; PG-13.
They've shared some things already, it's true, but they've never woken up in each other's arms before. The morning awaits them.
⇒ Another thing I wrote for Bucky/Natasha Week. It's pure self-indulgent fluff and I really like it.

March 25: "Wakeup Call." Fate/stay night; Rin/Archer. 799 words; PG-13.
In an unexpectedly normal aftermath, Archer finds Rin where she doesn't belong. She has an offer for him.
⇒ Here I take a break from Bucky/Natasha Week to tend to a Rin/Archer fic I was prompted to write. It's just cute romantic fluff.

March 28: "and your astral smile." Marvel Comics; Bucky/Natasha. 7,527 words; NC-17.
"If you're going to look at me that way during sex, you might as well let me dominate you." In other words, Natasha has a suggestion for Bucky. Carrying it out might be an adventure.
⇒ How did I go until the end of March before I wrote porn last year? Someone on Tumblr brought up the possibility of superhero BDSM, and I decided to give it a shot for Bucky and Natasha. I'm actually pretty pleased with the result. It's the only semi-realistic kink I've written, and I think it came out pretty well.

April 7: "Love in Reverse Is in the Revolution." Fate/stay night; Rin/Archer. 4,250 words; PG-13.
Some people identify their soulmates from the first words they speak to each other. For others, it's the last words. Rin Tohsaka wants no part of either kind of love, or so she professes. Still, when tragedy and danger enter her life, Archer is there to attend to her.
⇒ Thanks to someone giving me terrible ideas, I finally sat down and wrote a soulmate AU. This is the result. I'm happy that I wrote another Rin/Archer thing that isn't just self-indulgent porn.

June 7: "a knight on the side cannot abide." Fate/stay night; Saber/Archer/Rin. 11,369 words; NC-17.
Rin Tohsaka steps out of the Emiya household just in time to catch a returning Archer, and she and Saber hatch a plan to keep him. Set after Unlimited Blade Works Good End.
⇒ Meanwhile, this is just awful self-indulgent fetish porn featuring a threesome with futanari. But I really enjoyed writing it and I think the banter among the characters before and during sex is fun.

December 25: "Holiday Special." Undertale; Mettaton and Napstablook. 434 words; G.
A robot fulfills an old promise to a ghost, in a way both flashy and small.
⇒ I wrote this as a gift on Christmas, despite being none too confident with the characters. It's just small and cute, though.

December 26: "Snow Signals." Fate/EXTRA, Saber/Hakuno. 1,294 words; G.
Stubborn by nature, Saber ventures forth into the depths of the Moon Cell to find her deleted Master.
⇒ This is another thing I wrote on a whim as a holiday present, but I've wanted to write Saber/Hakuno for a while, so I'm glad I did it.

As you can see, there's quite a gap here--thanks to moving and everything else, I got a bit too wiped to write fanfiction for a good half the year. I'm going to try to pick up again now, or at least write something. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to them...
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